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Assess the view that if sports organisations fail to innovate they will die. Use TWO examples to support your point of view

Assess the view that if sports organisations fail to innovate they will die. Use TWO examples to support your point of view..

You are expected to engage with the relevant academic and business literature to develop your assignment and shape your assessment of the issues. This can be a combination of both academic literature and material that can be acquired from relevant newspapers, business journals and so on. Some directed reading is available on the class MyPlace section to provide some initial reading. Make full use of the relevant electronic library sources.

  • · The number of references used is not confined to a minimum or maximum number. However, you should apply common sense i.e. avoid basing your assignment on one or two sources and avoid cluttering the assignment with too many references i.e. you are not doing a literature review for a dissertation. Around twenty references (academic and business-related), should be used as a guideline. I would recommend that your review of the academic literature should contain around 12 – 15 references.
  • · A detailed case study means precisely that. It is more than a couple of sentences or a paragraph. It should be structured around 500 – 600 words and provide evidence of either good practice i.e. where the organisations concerned succeed in their stated objectives, or bad practice i.e. where the initiatives have failed.
  • · The assignments ask you to evaluate, discuss or assess. Therefore, you should consider alternative views or schools of thought that may apply to the particular topic. You should ensure that you bring your own views to bear on the discussion – particularly as you come to the concluding section of the assignment.
  • · Avoid too much description of the background to the topic. This wastes words given the limitations of the word-count. You can include such information in an appendix. Remember appendices are NOT included in the word-count.
  • · Focus on the specific issue(s) that are raised in the assignment topic.
  • · Please note that the assignment has to be written in report format.

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