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- Assessing how relevant leadership theories actually are to leadership in practice.

2.     Assessment Brief

2.1.       Brief

Please Note: You must achieve a pass in each of the following element(s) to achieve an overall pass for the module.


Part A:

80% of the total marks.

Max 2,000 words

Complete five (5) pieces of reflective writing that may be based on lectures, seminar activities, recommended videos and/or readings that have been undertaken during the module. A list of themes is provided below to ensure that you are able to meet the learning outcomes.

(16 Marks per piece of reflective writing).

Part B:

10% of the total marks.

Max 1,000 words

Complete a personal statement identifying how you have met the learning outcomes for this module through your reflective writing.

(10 Marks)

Part C:

10% of the total marks.

Max 5 minutes

Prepare and record an individual presentation chosen from one of your reflective writing pieces that demonstrates effective speaking and non-verbal communication techniques.

(10 Marks)

The URL for the recorded presentation must be added to the summative assessment cover sheet in the space provided.

2.2.       Tasks

Part A: (2,000 words)

Complete five (5) pieces of reflective writing that may be based on lectures, seminar activities, recommended videos or readings that have been completed during the module. You need to relate your reflective writing to concepts, models and theories of leadership and also to YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES OF LEADERSHIP. This can relate to a range of situations, for example:

(i)     Your own personal experiences as a leader in formal or informal situations.

(ii)   Your own personal experiences of people who currently have, or previously had a leadership responsibility for you.

(iii) Leadership in companies you are working for or have worked for in the past.

(iv)  Leadership in voluntary/community/political/cultural organisations or groups you have worked with.

(v)    Leadership in organisations known well to you, where you have seen the impact of those responsible for leadership on people you know.

You need to include both mandatory topics and then select three further optional topics (therefore, five (5) separate pieces of reflective writing in total – See list below)

Mandatory leadership topics:

  1. A review of an individual’s ability to influence their situation and lead others.
  2. How ethics can influence leadership.

Both of these mandatory topics can be related to your own ability as a leader or of another individual that relates to the range of situations (i) to (v) above.

Optional leadership topics: Choose three (3) from the following:

a)      How much does a manager actually need to lead others?

b)      How would you to develop an individual’s ability to lead?

c)      What challenges do different cultural settings present to leaders?

d)      How can a line manager develop their own sources of influence/power?

e)      What are the key challenges for women in leadership?

f)       What sort of environment creates a climate for distributed leadership?

g)      When can different styles of leadership be used effectively?


Structure for reflective writing (About 400 words per topic)

Each reflective piece needs to include the following:

-          An introduction, outlining the reasons for choice of topic/situation/leader.

-          An analysis of the topic which includes different perspectives/points of view.

This analysis needs to incorporate relevant leadership models, theory and principles.

-          A concluding statement which captures key learning.




Part B: (1000 words)

Complete a personal statement identifying how you have met the learning outcomes for this module through your reflective writing.

You must consider the following elements, (which directly relate to the learning outcomes):

-          Assessing how relevant leadership theories actually are to leadership in practice.

-          Appraising the different factors and contexts which impact on leadership practice.

-          Critically evaluate the extent leadership concepts and frameworks can solve problems in a range of different contexts.

-          Analysing how the concept of ethics can impact on leadership and decision-making.


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