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Assessment 1 requires you to write a scoping report for your identified social change issue.




Assessment 1 requires you to write a scoping report for your identified social change issue.

The objective of Assessment 1 Scoping Report is to develop a rounded understanding of your chosen social issue and of how the target audience (TA) perceives the social issue. That is, to harness a good understanding as to why they (the TA) are ‘doing’ the bad behaviour and to identify an engaging alternative behaviour that is healthier and safer, and importantly that the target audience sees as relevant and viable to consume.

The Scoping Report is the pre-cursor to developing a social change strategy, and enables consideration of strategy options yet does not solely ‘fix’ on any one option. Importantly, the Scoping Report sets out the rationale for the Social Change Strategy.



Choosing a social issue:


"The definition of a social problem, also called a social issue, is an undesirable condition that people believe should be corrected" (http://www.yourdictionary.com/social-problem). ‘People’ in this context typically refer to government identification of a social issue that have significant consequences on society and by correcting harms yields positive effects for the majority of society.


When you are commencing this assessment, you may not know the specific behavioural action to target – that’s OK – as the purpose of the scoping report is to harness a solid understanding of the social issue in order to give your insight into which behavioural actions are relevant for the TA to adopt.


Choosing a social issue to address is not necessarily as easy as you may think! You need to drill down in order to identify a relevant behavioural action that the TA sees as being relevant and viable.


**To correctly choose a well-defined social marketing issue for your assignment, please see the Purpose and Focus PowerPoint I provided.


Which you need to Develop a PURPOSE statement that detailed and specific reflects the benefit of a successful campaign, also Develop a FOCUS statement that narrows the scope of the plan’s purpose to a specific behaviour and value exchange attributes


Report Structure:


To complete the Scoping Report you will draw on your knowledge from lectures discussed up to and including week 5. You will also need to use marketing language and skills acquired from other courses within your Degree. Specifically, your report will comprise the following sections:


1.0                        Social Issue overview (10%, 500w)

2.0                        PURPOSE and FOCUS of the social change initiative (10%, 30w)

3.0                        Societal impact analysis (Macro analysis) (15%, 200 w)

4.0                        Priority target audience & psychographic profile (10%, 100w)

5.0                        Exchange analysis: barriers, benefits and competition (15%, 600w)

6.0                        SMART objectives (10%, 100w)

7.0                        Guiding theory (10%, 300w)

8.0                        Recommendations (15%, 150w)

9.0                        Presentation mechanics (5%)

(Reference list is not counted in word length)


Word limits across sections are approximations and link to value/weighting of the section.


Marking rubric: Review the marking rubric. This assessment examines your ability, amongst others, to:

  • Evaluate and utilise sources/evidence to justify argument
  • Knowledge and application of literature/Theory/Concepts
  • Ability to evidence strategic recommendations stemming from analysis
  • Follow referencing (Style) mechanics and present a document without grammatical errors.


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