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BABH9602 Hospitality Operations and Risk Management

Hospitality Operations and Risk Management


Instructions for Assignment:


  1. Choose a local hospitality or tourism provider that is willing to cooperate with you.  Identify the person who gave you permission and acted as your guide.  Interview that person as to any risk management practices currently implemented at that property.
  2. If you choose a large property such as a full-service hotel or resort, choose one section of it instead of the whole property.
  3. Complete the Premises Survey of Hazards at your chosen property.
  4. Detail your findings in a written report not to exceed ten pages double-spaced.  Attach your completed survey form as an appendix to your report.


Report Requirements:

  1. 1.      Start your report with an overall assessment of the risk management processes, or the lack of them, at your property.  Do they inspect their property in a formal manner now?  If so, explain the process.  If not, why not?
  2. 2.      How well does your property manage loss prevention?  Support your opinion with a comparison to good risk management practices as discussed in class.
  3. 3.      Identify at least three best practices that you observe in your site visit. Then identify at least three hazards that you observed during your inspection.  Recommend remedial action for each deficiency. 
  4. 4.      End your report with three main recommendations that could improve your property’s current risk management practices.
  5. 5.      This is a business report and it should be structured as one.  Use headings and sub-headings to identify key sections and highlight key findings.  Photographs are encouraged, with the permission of the property being surveyed, and should be in the appendix section.



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