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Capacity management is the task of setting the effective capacity of the operation to best cope with demand. Describe the main approaches to capacity management when operations are faced with demand variability

N1582 – Managing Operations and Quality

A3 Resit/Sit Assessment for the 70% Portfolio component

Individual Assignment (70% Weighting)

In this take away paper you should answer two of the three following essay questions. The word count should be 1,200 words for each answer (2,400 words in total) maximum (excluding references, which should be in Harvard style only).

  1. Capacity management is the task of setting the effective capacity of the operation to best cope with demand. Describe the main approaches to capacity management when operations are faced with demand variability. Using examples from a recent news event discuss the consequences of these approaches in different circumstances.
  2. In the `lean` approach, what are the sources of waste, what steps should companies take to eliminate these, and what is the benefit of their doing so?
  3. What are the various costs of quality and how should these costs be managed under the traditional perspective versus the Total Quality Management perspective? Describe the TQM perspective in relation to other forms of improvement and explain why it is different.
  4. What is the role of operations managers in improving the sustainability of their organisation, how might this relate to organisational strategy, what challenges might be encountered, and how might these be overcome?


This is an individual assignment that should be a total of 2,400 words maximum (excluding references and Appendixes); longer assignments may be penalized.

The report will be assessed on the basis of:

  • Depth and relevance of research into the topic,
  • Synthesis and evaluation of data and evidence,
  • Application, analysis and understanding of appropriate concepts,
  • A clear and well-presented report.
  1. Where specific ideas, arguments, models, information, etc are drawn on in your discussion, the author and date of the source text should be included in the body of your discussion.  All quotations should be clearly acknowledged and sourced including page references.  Full details of all source material should also be included in the Reference List.
  2. The deadline for submission of the assignment is provided on Sussex Direct.
  3. You should make sure that you are fully aware of the School`s policy on plagiarism.  You should be aware that you cannot later claim that you did not know the rules and regulations; like all of us working at Sussex, you must make yourself familiar with them.  Please click on the following link for information which should help you avoid plagiarism issues: Plagiarism guidelines

Marking Criterion


Reading and  Knowledge

Understanding, Analysis and Argument

Organisation and Presentation


Extensive reading and demonstrates exceptionally comprehensive knowledge of the subject area

Very full and perceptive awareness of issues, with original critical and analytical assessment of the issues and excellent grasp of their wider significance. Clear evidence of independent and critical thinking and the ability to defend a position logically and convincingly.

Excellent arrangement and development of material and argument. Excellent English and meticulous presentation, with perfect referencing and extensive bibliography.


Wide reading and

Comprehensive knowledge.

Full and perceptive awareness of issues and clear grasp of their wider significance. Clear evidence of independent thought and the ability to critique and evaluate a position convincingly.

Very careful thought given to arrangement and development of an argument. Excellent English with good referencing and comprehensive bibliography.


Very good range of reading and good knowledge.

Sound awareness of issues and a serious understanding of their wider significance. Evidence of careful thought with a well-developed argument and the beginnings of critical appraisal.

Good arrangement and development of material and argument. Good English with appropriate referencing and bibliography.


Good range of reading and demonstrates reasonable knowledge of the subject area.

Shows clear knowledge and understanding of the relevant course material. The written work focuses on the question and shows evidence that course concepts have been applied correctly and basic works of reference have been read and understood.

Adequate effort to organize the material and argument. Adequate English with reasonable referencing and bibliography.


Some reading evident but limited knowledge of course materials.

Shows a basic level of knowledge and understanding of relevant course material with some evidence of reading and comprehension. The answer may be weakly structured, poorly argued, cover only a limited range of the relevant material.

Limited effort to organize material into a cogent argument. Satisfactory English but with limited referencing and bibliography.


Very limited reading and knowledge.

Marks in this range indicate a weak submission of an inadequate standard. This will be because either the work is too short, is poorly structured, or lacks focus on the set question. It will show very limited knowledge or understanding of the relevant course materials and concepts or lacks a clear argument.

Very little effort at organizing the material or significant errors in English. Poor or inadequate referencing and bibliography.


Very poor level of reading and failure to demonstrate competent knowledge.

Marks in this range at this level indicate that the essay is well below the standard required. It shows that the work is weak and seriously inadequate. This will be because either the work is far too short, is badly jumbled and incoherent, or fails to address the question.

Lack of organisation of material. Substantial errors in English and very poor or absent referencing and bibliography.

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