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Choose a public health topic in which the role of the midwife is discussed in relation to health promotion

MWY_4_002 2020/2021

A Psycho-social model of childbearing and childbirth. Level 4

Summative assessment 2000 word written assignment (+10%) (word count excludes the front page and references)

Choose a public health topic in which the role of the midwife is discussed in relation to health promotion. 2000 words +10%. 100% weighting

Pass mark 40%

The subject may be either the subject you chose for the poster presentation or a new topic that you have developed an interest in. The topic should be investigated in relation to the learning outcomes of the module. The student should include evidence obtained from academic sources and make appropriate recommendations whilst being aware of the factors that may inhibit the implementation of best practice. The assignment should demonstrate your ability to think broadly while keeping the woman at the centre of the midwives role.

Submission date: Week commencing 17th May 2021 actual date to be confirmed. The assignment should be submitted via turnitin on the moodle site for a plagiarism/similarity percentage prior to the final submission at least 24 hours in advance to give time for the report to be returned to you. The assignment should therefore be submitted by 15th May 2021 for the report. Do not press ‘final submission’ until you no longer need to edit your assignment.

DDS: If there are agreed university arrangements in place your submission date may be 2 weeks later than the initial date and will therefore be by week commencing 31st May 2021

Structure of the assignment

Font: Use size 14 font in either Ariel or Times New Roman for the assignment and double space the script. Submit as a PDF

Front page: Include the following

  • module title
  • module code
  • title of the assignment
  • student ID
  • word count

Assignment guidance

1. Introduction: This sets the context of the assignment and an overview of the content of the assignment and should include the subjects that will be covered in the assignment (approx. 200 - 250 words)

2. Details regarding the chosen subject and how this relates to the pregnant woman, include epidemiological data. (approx. 150 - 200 words)

3. A definition of health promotion and a discussion regarding the models that can be used to support this (approx.150 - 200 words)

4. Include the psychological and sociological determinants of health. (approx. 250 - 300 words)

5. Discuss the health promotion role of the midwife in relation to your chosen topic. Explain how the midwife addresses this topic during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond to improve health outcomes. (approx. 1000)

6. Conclusion: present the key points you have made, highlighting their significance and the effects on both your own and professional midwifery practice. It should include the main references you have used. The conclusion also conveys the key learning acquired and relates to the module learning outcomes. You can include suggestions for change in the clinical area. (approx. 300 to 350 words)

7. Reference list: This must adhere strictly to the LSBU Harvard style of referencing used by LSBU 2019/2020 which can be found on MS teams and on the moodle or library site.

N.B. Do not forget to check that you have you met the learning outcomes of the module?

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