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Chosen Care need from the vignette, with an explanation on how this may affect Mrs Kapoor and her family

Instructions for end of life care report.

Fill in the template

a)      200 words on the principle of Quality of Life

 End of Life Care Report

(Mrs Kapoor scenario)

Mrs Kapoor is a 67-year-old British Asian lady who was diagnosed with colorectal cancer 2 years ago, and has undergone surgery (with stoma formation) followed by chemotherapy, which has helped to control the disease. Her most recent scans indicate that the cancer has recurred, and has spread. The treatment options have been discussed with her and her family, and she has decided that due to the extent of the disease, and the likely benefit of the treatment she would prefer to have a more palliative approach in managing the disease. Mrs Kapoor and her family are aware that she is nearing the end of her life.

Mrs Kapoor lives with her husband, daughter and mother at home. She also has a married son who lives nearby and a grandaughter.  

Mrs Kapoor has family in India, and her Hindu faith is important to her.

You are part of the inter-discilplinary team caring for Mrs Kapoor, and it is your role to ensure her nursing needs are met


Principles of palliative and end of life care

please use font size 12 and double-line spacing. the boxes will expand as you type.

Chosen principle with brief explanation (200 WORDS)

According to The World Health Organisation palliative acre is an approach that improves the quality of patients and their families when facing problems associated with life threatening illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification, impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems such as physical, psychosocial and spiritual.”(WHO, 2010). WHO also defined quality of life as a person’s perception of their position in life regarding their cultures and values systems in which they live and in relation to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns.  Sirgy et al (2004) also defined quality of life as the “The product of the interplay among social, health, economic and environmental conditions which affect human and social development. Quality of life in end of life care can be defined in several ways, depending on  how the sickness and treatment impacts the psychological, social, economic wellbeing of an individual as well as their physical health . It is important to provide the highest quality of care to people nearing the end of their lives in order to enhance the quality of their life. Physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs of the dying person must be safely, affectively and appropriately met accordingly, this can be medicine for symptom control, equipment, counselling services. This should also include support for families and carers in any form e.g. emotional support, financial support and social support etc. (NICE, 2011).

Holmes (2005) argues that healthcare professionals may know about the patient’s illness, but the patient always know what’s best for them , so patient centered care must be incorporated to add patient quality of life

Chosen Care need from the vignette, with an explanation on how this may affect Mrs Kapoor and her family. (400 words)

Symptom control and explain how this might affect Mrs Kapoor and her family.

Come up with five way how this might affect mrs Kapoor and her family and This could be Pain can cause depression to Mrs Kapoor, Sp

Demonstrate how your chosen principle could be applied in order to support Mrs Kapoor and her family in relation to the care need identified. (650 words)


Apply principle and care need together which is Quality of life and Sympton control.

-       How might you support Mrs Kapoor

-       5 five ways to support Mrs Kapoor. E.g. right equipment, right care etc.


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