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CLO 1 Reflect on the significance of e-business and the supply chain in gaining competitive advantage for an organization

OMGT2293 e-Business Supply Chains

Assessment 1: Paper critique


The first assessment is a written critique of a seminal academic paper related to either e-business or supply chain management. This assessment examines your ability to reflect upon an academic paper relating to e-business and supply chain management. This establishes the foundation for Weeks 2–5 (inclusive) where we apply various technologies on this foundational knowledge

Course Learning Outcomes

This assessment is linked to the following Course Learning Outcomes:

CLO 1 Reflect on the significance of e-business and the supply chain in gaining competitive advantage for an organization

CLO 2 Critically evaluate the various technologies that support e-business and supply chain operations

CLO 3 Analyse a product supply chain, recommend a relevant upstream and downstream technology and write a technology implementation strategy report.

CLO 4 Transmit the knowledge and ideas of various technologies to appropriate audiences when recommending those technologies and how they will support organizations/supply chains.

After completion of this assessment you should be able to:

• understand the relationship of e-business and the supply chain, and some of the key theories, methodologies and approaches involved in this relationship

• define the key themes, concepts, theories, methodologies and approaches of e-business and the supply chain.

Assessment details

You will be required to select a paper from Week 1 of this course and complete the following tasks:

• Briefly summarise the paper.

• Critique the paper.

• Reflect on the paper in a real-world context.

When summarising the paper, it is important to be concise and to the point. As part of this, it is recommended that you present the key ideas of the paper in a clear and succinct manner. Your intended audience is a manager of a supply chain function.

To critique the paper, it is worth considering the following:
Elements of a research critique
Questions to ask/information to include
Identify information to include
 Where and when was the article published?
 What was the purpose of the study?
 What is the analytical approach or theoretical framework?
Interpretations of findings
 Did the researcher find a correlation (relationship) or a cause?
 Are there alternative interpretations of the findings?
 How ‘generalisable’ are the findings? Can the findings be applied to other populations of situations?
Writing quality, clarity, style and the organisation of information
 Does the source reflect the genre of the source’s discipline?
 Does the source offer sufficient detail? Are there gaps in the description of places with unnecessary description?
 Does the source present the information logically?
 Do the sources present an objective viewpoint? Does the author seem to have a bias or blind spot?
The value of the study
 Is the research problem significant?
 What contribution does the study make to the advancement of knowledge or practice?
To reflect on the real-world application of the paper, it is worth considering the following:
• What your initial perceptions of the paper are based on the title of the paper.
• Experiences, ideas and observations you have had, and how they relate to the paper (contextualising this based on your 
• What you found confusing, inspiring, difficult, interesting and why.
• What questions you now have?
• Comparisons and connections between what you`re learning, and:
o your prior knowledge and experience
o your prior assumptions and preconceptions
o what you know from other courses or disciplines.
• How new ideas challenge what you already know.
• What you need to explore next in terms of thoughts and actions.
• What future use will you make of what you have learned?

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