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Community Based Disaster-resilient Project Planning Document

Community Based Disaster-resilient Project Planning Document


Elements of the assessment / outlines

  1. 1.       Introduction (Introduce the planning document)
  2. 2.       Identification and Description of the Problem (Set up the scene, define the problem)


  • Basic data on country, region, sector, community
  • Definition of problem
  • Clear information on how serious it is
  • Causes of the problem
  • Existing local efforts to solve the problem
  • VCA Mapping and SWOT Analysis
  • Summary of why a new project is necessary (Problem à Need à Objective)


  1. 3.       The Proposed Project Design community based program


  • Brief description of the project 
  • Statement of project goals and specific objectives in terms of expected results (Characteristics of community resilience)
  • Why the proposed solution is appropriate (Rationale)
  • Expected project benefits (direct and indirect) (Significance)
  • Logical Framework


  1. 4.       Action Plan and Implementation of community based program


  • How to ensure community participation?
  • How to ensure the sustainability of the program
  • Potential barriers and challenges and recommendation to address these
  1. 5.       Closing / Conclusion

Highlight key information from the planning (link again the problem and Proposed Community Based Program)

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