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Compare and contrast five types of window glass.

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Compare and contrast five types of window glass.

There are many sorts of glass that make windows. The different types have different uses or purposes that they aim to

achieve with their various designs. There are several factors involved in selecting the type of glass to use on a window.

The first one is the cost of the window glass, and the second factor is the amount of energy that your windows can help

you save (Sayyed et al., 2019). There is also window glass for areas that are prone to harsh weather conditions like

hurricanes and storms. The types of window glasses are:

Float glass that gets its name from its formation procedure. It is formed when molten glass forms large and 
flat panels
 by floating it on the molten tin (Wang et al., 2017). It is then trimmed, treated, and improved. 
Float glass is just the ordinary fragile glass. This glass is weak and easy to break. The glass can be used to 
make various types of glass windows.

Laminated glass is made of two pieces of float glass pressed together by a thin layer of resin. This glass is standard in car

windshields (Wang et al., 2017).

The glass is strong enough to prevent the windscreen from collapsing if it breaks

due to the presence of resin, thus able to maintain the structural integrity of the windshield.

Obscured glass is characterized by designs such as etched or beveled features that make it hard for one to see through, but

light can penetrate (Sayyed et al., 2019).

The glass is good for privacy purposes and can be used in bathrooms.

Tempered glass is made from float gas that has undergone a tempering process. This process makes the glass extremely 
strong and hard to cut (Wang et al., 2017).
 However, the lens can still break into smaller and less 
dangerous pieces compared to float glass—Bess for low and big windows. Insulated glass is best suited for double and 
triple-pane windows. 
A space bar separated the two panes. Krypton and argon are added into the space 
to offer insulation between the glass panes. This glass is durable and increases the u-factor, and solar heat gains 
coefficient of the windows.                                      

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