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• Compare or contrast how two authors from weeks 3 and/or 4 represent the "Modern" man.

Your task is to write a 750-950 word essay on ONE of the three topics listed below. Aim for a 5-paragraph essay structure (introduction with thesis, three or more body paragraphs, and a conclusion). The word count does not include the Works Cited page or formatting. *Incorporate two direct quotes from the literary selection to support your analysis and be sure to use MLA style guidelines and provide citations and a works cited listing with your essay. Write in the third person objective voice, omitting all use of first person (I, me, we us) and second person (you), and speak in the present tense ("Mark Twain writes" rather than "Mark Twain wrote"). 
Please note, no revisions of essays are accepted. Once an essay is graded, the grade is final. 

• Write a critical analysis of one of the works from weeks 3 or 4. 
*Note: If writing about e.e. cummings, please note that the author does not use uppercase letters when writing his name and in most of his poetry. Please follow his example and use lower case letters when writing his name and when quoting from his poems.
• Compare or contrast how two authors from weeks 3 and/or 4 represent the "Modern" man. 

Note: Please read! When writing a comparison you are arguing that the two pieces are mostly similar, and when writing a contrast, you are arguing that they are mostly different. Be sure that you have isolated a strong and debatable thesis on which to build the essay. Simply pointing out the similarities or differences is not analysis, and essays that do this will not earn a passing grade. Instead, argue that they are mostly similar or mostly different in order to prove some bigger point. For example, you might say that both stories are good examples of Modernism, and then state the reasons why.
• Answer the question of which literary work from this week seems most representative of the Modern viewpoint as you understand it. Some research on Modernism might be required here. Be sure to identify at least 3 reasons or points to explore in the body of your paper. You might examine 3 qualities of Modernism and discuss how those qualities appear in the literary selection you`ve chosen for this assignment. 
Should you choose to use outside references, these must be scholarly, peer-reviewed sources obtained via the APUS library (select Advanced Search and check the Peer Reviewed box). 

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