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Comprehensively discuss the complexity and interlink of the operations of managing construction projects

Learning Outcomes to be Assessed:

  1. Comprehensively discuss the complexity and interlink of the operations of managing construction projects
  2. Clearly identify and analyse the issues, restraints and challenges in managing construction projects
  3. Competently examine and apply theories and methods into managing construction projects
  4. Critically evaluate the effectiveness of construction project management methods in practice


Assessment Details:


Portfolio is a relatively flexible assessment format which can suit your individual learning style and requirements. Instead of submitting one big piece of work, you need to build up a file by completing a series of smaller pieces (in this case, 3) throughout the module, please seek feedback from tutors, and improve your work before your final submission. You can include the following materials in your portfolio:

  • an essay to explore and reflect on one idea / issue / theory;
  • a critique of a journal paper;
  • a project review / report;
  • a critical discussion on a piece of news;
  • a reflective journal of the progress of your understanding on one subject / topic;


For the 3 parts of your portfolio, you need to choose 3 different topics / themes covered in the lectures of this module (see the Module Guide).

Your topics / themes should be relevant to construction project management, agreed with the module tutor at the outset and are restricted to those areas covered in class.

You may choose to focus on to suit your curret working country or offer a more international flavour if you wish.

Sections should be linked together via a central commentary that builds towards a conclusion.

The work presented should assume an informed audience, i.e. somebody already familiar with the lecture material that has been presented. There is no need for detailed explanations of basic definitions and concepts.


The portfolio should use the following structure:

  • title page
  • contents page
  • introduction (provide background context to subject, define key words, introduce central focus)
  • topic 1 – (description and discussion of topic e.g.)
  • topic 2 – as above
  • topic 3 -- as above
  • conclusion (summary of key issues, suggested good practice/solutions, limitations)
  • list of references (not included in word count)

    The main body of the portfolio (excluding the appendices) should be up to 4000 words.

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