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Concept of Long Term Conditions (LTC’s) (15 marks)

A case study of 3,000 words critically discussing issues in health and social care in relation to a person with co-morbid long-term conditions (60% of total mark)

Case study

Choose from one of the two choices of case on the list provided on the Moodle site.

Write 3,000 words critically discussing issues in health and social care in relation to this person. 

Your essay should address the following areas:

Concept of Long Term Conditions (LTC’s) (15 marks)


What are long term conditions and why are these an issue for health and social care, make specific reference to the long-term conditions that your case is living with.


Impact of living with LTC’s

MDiscuss the physical, psychological and educational needs of the case you have selected and critically appraise the impact of living with this on the person, their family and carers (30 marks)


Thinking about the case you have selected consider the interpersonal, inter-professional and organisational issues that this person may encounter through their life living with a LTC (10 marks)


Management and support

Thinking about the person discuss what theories of behavioural change theories are influencing their actions and which might be used to help empower the person to take control of managing their long-term condition (20 marks)


Consider different techniques including telehealth care and other assistive technologies that are available and discuss how one of these might be utilised to enhance this person’s life (10 marks)


Conclude with evidence-based recommendations about how the person could be supported to self-manage their condition (10 marks)

Referencing (5 marks)

References are up-to-date and relevant to the chosen case and this assignment

Assignment information and submission points

·         Choose one of the two cases below and use this as the scenario for your final assignment.

Abdulla is 57 years old and was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes at the age of 42. Recurrent leg ulcers and vascular insufficiency have led to an amputation of his left leg below the knee following several unsuccessful surgeries. He has had a first myocardial infarction at the age of 50 and is still inconvenienced by recurring symptoms of angina requiring nitro-glycerine. Abdulla is compliant with the medication he was prescribed to take daily. He is supported by his wife. He is the owner of a small business for which he does administrative and accounting work.

Sam is 36 years old and lives with her daughter Elizabeth who is 14 years old. Sam has never worked and has struggled with alcohol and drugs since she was a teenager. Living on benefits, most of her money is spent on cigarettes and alcohol. Sam has periods of time where she does not drink and is desperate for her daughter to fulfil her dreams. Elizabeth is a bright girl and would like to be a teacher. She is studying for her exams while caring for her mother on a day to day basis. 


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