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Consider how power, right, diversity, equality and inclusion related to the topic.

Power, Inclusion and Diversity Essay brief;

Topic: Inclusive Practice in Education.

1/Consider how power, right, diversity, equality and inclusion related to the topic.

2/Select a media article that provide an example of the topic. (200 words)

3/Think about any current new stories to illustrate and discuss the  concepts of power, inclusion and diversity.

Introduction:(150 words)

 introduce the topic and give some idea of what the reader might expect in this written work ( the topic need to be examined in relation to supporting children ,young people and families.

Main body : (1200 words)

1/Make some key points related to the topic (paragraph by paragraph).

Each paragraph.

a/what inclusion is about (definition, example, issues which may arise.

b/strategies that might be used ( resources + ways of working.

c/ the attitudes of education ( prejudice stereotypical views, assumptions + issues of training.

2/analyst  these points you raise in relation to the module concepts of power, rights, diversity, equality and  inclusion.

3/Consider issues from a variety of perspective in order to create a balanced discussion . for example :challenging discrimination , policy context, communication style attitude.

Discuss the issues and bring literature  together  with learning outcomes.

Personal Reflective commentary:(800 words)

Include a section for your  reflective  commentary on your own values and believe system in relation to topic, ensuring you related back to LO2.

Conclusion: (150 words): pull your main idea together in a way that leaves the reader with an overview of what you have been arguing in this work.

Learning outcomes:

1/ Discuss key issues and debates in relation to inclusion and power, and when supporting children ,young people and families.

2/ Identify challenges when supporting the rights of children, young people and families.

3/Reflect your own values of power ,right and diversity.

References: Harvard format.

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