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Create a process map of an operations system of your choice. You do not need to use, in fact you are discouraged from using, process mapping software

MSc Management

07 28299: Operations Management (OM)
Individual Operations Analysis 

This individual assignment accounts for 80% of the overall assessment of this module.


  • Create a process map of an operations system of your choice. You do not need to use, in fact you are discouraged from using, process mapping software. Presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keynote is perfectly adequate. Your process map must be contained within a single side of A4 – landscape formatted. Use the process mapping concepts taught in the course.
  • Use the concepts, tools, techniques from the course, and apply these to analyse your subject.
  • Your analysis should identify the main operations problems in your subject.
  • You should rank the problems in order of importance.
  • You are to focus on one or two operational problems and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Your analysis is expected to focus on material covered in the 2nd half of the course. If you must reapply any material that you used previously in the group work, then the `bar` is raised. You will have to carry out substantively deeper analysis.
  • You may use material from other Operations Management subjects (for example from textbook chapters not covered in the course).
  • Critically, you should search for further reading in the Operations Management journals that enhances your knowledge of the concepts you will apply. If you apply course content thoroughly, then you will likely get a pass. If you can show application of further reading in the peer-reviewed Operations Management journals then you are likely to earn high marks.
  • There is nothing wrong with common sense, but if all you do in this assignment is apply common sense you will fail. You really need to demonstrate by application that you understand Operations Management.
  • I will repeat this message- if you submit a generic business management analysis with little to do with Operations Management theories/methods, you will fail.
  • The typeface to be used for body text is 11 point sans serif, e.g. Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Times New Roman, etc. Use any typeface you like for headings.
  • Insert additional diagrams, photos, etc. as you see fit. It is up to you to decide on the balance of content.

Your submission is to be limited to 2,500 words. This word limit does not include the process map or references.

Evaluation Criteria:

We will assess your work on the following criteria:

  • Understanding – Your work should demonstrate an understanding of operations and operations management issues.
  • Substantiation – The work should be underpinned by course material and additional reading around the topic chosen and tools employed. (Please only reference material you have read!)
  • Insight – Your work must demonstrate critical evaluation and insight into the operation, situation and topic.
  • Clarity and structure – The report should be well structured and clearly presented.

These criteria are translated into a detailed rubric which is available for you to view in Canvas. You can see the rubric if you go to the "Assignments" pages. At the top right of each assessment submission page is a tiny button that says "view rubric".

You will be briefed in detail on the assessment criteria during the course.

There is an expectation that your essay will be well researched and supported by a range of reference sources (e.g. books, articles, industrial study reports, etc.). In the first instance you should consult the course reading list – this was given out at the beginning of the course and is also available on Canvas. You will though be given credit for going beyond the sources suggested on the reading list. You are expected to use an appropriate system of referencing and to ensure that you have followed the guidance on avoiding plagiarism. To help you, this guidance is reproduced on the following pages. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read and understood it.

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