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Critical appreciation of current and new data models and database systems for traditional and Big Data systems


Assignment 1

The following learning outcomes will be assessed:


  1. critical appreciation of current and new data models and database systems for traditional and Big Data systems;
  2. appraisal of current and emerging trends in database systems and their application in the real world;


  1. the ability to design and develop database systems using a range of different database development tools;
  2. evidence of critical evaluation of the major developments and issues of databases within the database arena and their support in various application areas.

Important Information

You are required to submit your work within the bounds of the University Infringement of Assessment Regulations (see your Programme Guide). Plagiarism, paraphrasing and downloading large amounts  of information from external sources, will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely. You should make full use of any source material, which would normally be an occasional sentence and/or paragraph (referenced) followed by your own critical analysis/evaluation.  You will receive no marks   for work that is not your own. Your work may be subject to checks for originality which can include    use of an electronic plagiarism detection service.

Where you are asked to submit an individual piece of work, the work must be entirely your own. The safety of your assessments is your responsibility.  You must not permit another student access to  your work.

Where referencing is required, unless otherwise stated, the Harvard referencing system must be used (see your Programme Guide).

Please ensure that you retain a duplicate of your assignment. We are required to send samples of student work to the external examiners for moderation purposes. It will also safeguard in the unlikely event of your work going astray.

Submission Date and Time

As specified on Canvas

Submission Location

Electronic submission via Canvas


This is the first of two assignments for this module. This assignment is worth 35% of the overall assignment mark.

All work must be done individually.

You are required to develop, and subsequently present, a poster and accompanying 5-minute screencast which together provides a critical investigation of two current research papers for one of the following general topics:

a) Novel data models for integration of legacy data and Big Data in data warehouses;

b) Use of NoSQL Database systems and tools for data analytics;

c) Database benchmarking tools for NoSQL databases;

d) Cybersecurity issues and solutions for databases in small and medium sized enterprises;

e) Using Blockchain to store and process data in an environment such as healthcare.

These topics are generic and you must produce a focused presentation on a current research problem in one of these general areas, in the form of an A1 poster. Your poster should take the form of an Infograph.

To do this, you are required to consult current research articles (i.e. journal and conference papers – you should use the library facilities to find up-to-date research papers) to find a novel problem   within one of the above general topics, identify two papers which have been published within the last three years on your chosen topic, and provide a brief comparative review of these two papers.

The design of the Infograph is left to you to decide but you should consider visual impact, key messages, examples and underpinning research. You must ensure that it includes the following information:

-      a title which clearly articulates the focused topic of your research;

-      an introduction which clearly identifies the focused research topic that you are discussing and  a justification of the relevance of the two research papers that you have chosen;

-      a critical review and comparison of your two up-to-date research papers in the context of the research problem you have identified;

-      a summary of your findings;

-      a bibliography, clearly identifying which two papers you have reviewed. You should use other research papers within your poster and discussion to enforce your comparison of the two papers you have chosen to review. Use the Harvard referencing style.

It is suggested that you make use of the Infographics tool available at the url below to create your poster:

-      https://www.canva.com/create/infographics/

-      You are not restricted to using this tool and you can make use of any similar tool you wish.

You are then required to prepare and submit a 5-minute voice over screencast in which you    present your poster. It is recommended that you use a software tool such as ‘Screencast-o-matic’ or OBS (either of which can be downloaded for free, or you can use any other appropriate tool) to record your screencast. If your screencast exceeds five minutes then only the first five minutes will be viewed and assessed.

Ensure that you choose an appropriate screen size to ensure the size of your .mp4 file is not excessive, i.e. ideally your file should be below 30Mb. You must also ensure that the audio is clear before you submit your file.

Submission Requirements

You should submit the poster and the screencast within one ZIP file to the appropriate submission link in Canvas, by the given deadline. The ZIP file should be named Firstname_Lastname.zip, using your own first and last name.

Staying within the bounds of University of Sunderland regulations, you should make full use of any source material available to you (particularly journals, conference papers or technical reports).

Plagiarism, collusion and paraphrasing will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with under University Infringement regulations. If you are unclear about how to reference correctly please ask.


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