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Critically analyse leadership problems and challenges through critical evaluation and appropriate application of theory

Core learning outcomes


On completion of this unit you should be able to:

Assessment number


Demonstrate a critical appreciation of how types of leadership/management styles differ depending on history, culture, geographic life and conditions and how they impact people performance, followers and productivity.




Critically evaluate leadership/management styles, leadership problems and challenges and your personal leadership capabilities and needs for future development.



Threshold standards

Assessment number

In order to pass the assessment you will need to:


Produce, to an acceptable standard, an evaluation and analysis of aspects of particular leadership issues in an organisation through the use of relevant leadership theory.

Compare and contrast differing leadership styles and behaviours in an organisation from differing cultural, geographic and historic perspectives.


Produce, to an acceptable standard, an assessment of how varying leadership styles impact upon the organisation and sector and systems

Produce a critical evaluation of the impact of some leadership types upon followers.

Reflect on some aspects of your leadership capability and needs for future personal and organisational development

The Task:

You will produce a written report of 2400 words (+/- 10%) that critically assesses and evaluates your personal leadership using Seven Leadership Mindsets Theory (vMEME) and all the types of leadership approaches and styles it contains.

Critically analyse leadership problems and challenges through critical evaluation and appropriate application of theory

  1. Critically evaluate how certain types of leadership/management styles differ depending on history, culture, geographic life and conditions
  2. Critically evaluate how certain types of leadership/management styles impact people performance, productivity
  3. Critically evaluate how certain types of leadership/management styles determine who will ‘follow and how’.
  4. Critically evaluate your personal leadership capabilities and critically analyse the need for future development

Through application of Seven Leadership Mindsets Theory (vMEME) you will have a tool (and the skill) to critically assess and evaluate all types of personal leadership theories and worldviews that include USA, UK, China, European countries, India, Oman, GCC, African countries, etc. Leadership is different depending on the relevant mindset (life conditions, how individuals adapt to successfully compete and socio-cultural elements). Inevitably leadership mindset impacts everything in a company – strategy, people, performance, productivity, etc.

Instruction: Please answer all of the following questions:

suggested structure for the written report would include the following:

Introduction- to assignment purpose and your organisation / sector that you will explore.

There is no literature review in the sense of having a separate theory section, you have to integrate the seven mindset thinking systems theory, and any related theories e.g. emotional intelligence or six sigma approaches, with the personal leadership styles within your own organisation into the specific questions (1, 2 and 3) and the answers below.

This assignment core can be divided into three equally weighted sections. These have been presented as three questions.

1.  Create insight into your leadership style by answering questions about your personal leadership inside your  organisation. To enable critical assessment and analysis:

  1. Identify within in your organisation the range of leadership mindsets. What evidence do you see in leaders to underpin your assessment?
  2. Give examples of leadership traits you may have observed in the organisation that typify the selected leadership mindset
  3. Apply the seven mindsets theory to your key members of your team at your work place (Do not mention names).

2. Having analysed your own leadership and others within your organisation produce a reflection assessing your leadership capabilities and a plan for CPD development

  1. Highlighting your areas of growth, strengths and improvements
  2. Planning for present and future role taking into consideration everything you have read about leadership mind-sets.
  • Put in place a set of goals, a strategy to meet these developments, the resources needed (People / Physical) and a time frame

2.1 After you have designed your CPD, answer:

  1. To what extent is your own leadership style aligned and typical to that of your own organisation
  2. How likely is your leadership style to be one that will support the organisation change to become a key leading 21stCentury business?

3.  Discuss how your understanding of ‘leadership’ has evolved as a result of the readings given in this unit. These form specific conclusion and recommendations. Having studied the seven mindset-thinking systems, critically reflect and conclude what the definition of an effective leader should be. Critically discuss if you view of leadership has evolved or if it has stayed the same. Make recommendations for your own development and that of the organisation to address your vision of what leadership is.

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