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Critically assess the processes by which organisations innovate to sustain and improve their performance.

Learning Outcomes addressed

As this is a summative submission of formative work, all learning outcomes are addressed

Critically assess the processes by which organisations innovate to sustain and improve their performance.

Critically evaluate and select suitable business processes to facilitate sustainability within a business organisation that operates in a global context.

Have the competencies to be a digitally literate professional.


The third and final assessment on the module requires you to:

Submit a 1250 word report (excluding references, tables and diagrams) on your research question.
Submit your work on exploring the social media conversations EITHER building on work you have already done OR using the spreadsheet given on the module blackboard site refer defer area to produce visualisations using Tableau and analysing your results. (750 words excluding diagrams).

The two items above need to be submitted as ONE overall report in MS Word or pdf format.

Weightings for each item are shown below.


1250 word report (60%)

This report addresses your research question and should represent an attempt to answer it through critical evaluation of secondary data sources. A suggested structure and word count allocation is given below:

Introduction clearly setting out the research question (100 words)
Methodology for searches of the academic literature and other sources (250 words)
Summary of Research Findings and Critical Analysis (750 words)
Conclusions (150 words)

References (a single reference list at the end of coursework)
The research question must be one of the four in the Coursework document, shown here below again: 

How significant is the impact of the Modern Slavery Act in the UK on the supply chain practices in the fashion sector?

How can the UK Retail sector further reduce food waste?

What process improvements within the Manufacturing Sector have yielded the greatest reductions in emissions?

What progress has been made on Gender Equality in the financial sector in the UK over the last five years?


Analysis of Social Media conversations (40%)

Students will have a choice here. EITHER you can use the work you have already done on the portfolio and continue with your own spreadsheet OR follow the instructions below: 

Through the summer support sessions and videos on the module, you will have been given substantial data on social media conversations (Excel Spreadsheet on Blackboard) and have established a collection of data visualisations of this using Tableau Software. You are required to produce a critical analysis of your results. In order to do this, you must select the most pertinent visualisations you have produced. The expected structure with word count guidance is:
Introduction – a brief overview of the contents of your analysis. (50 words)

Presentation of Results and critical analysis (600 words). Presentation of data visualisations MUST follow the naming conventions for each Figure covered in the workshops.
Conclusions (100 words).

Video briefings to support your work here will be available on the module Blackboard site in the Refer Defer area in early June.
The presentations and guidance referred to will also be on blackboard in the refer/defer area. This should provide support for students to complete all the work due for this Assessment.

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