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Critically evaluate below referenced case studies how Emergency Response planning implementation may impact airlines reputation and legitimacy following an aviation accident.

Crisis Management & Emergency Response Planning


Word Count: 2500 (within 10 days)

Criteria for Assessment

The following criteria will be applied in assessing

  • Evidence of understanding of the concepts, theories and ideas.
  • Ability to apply these concepts to situations from your own experience;
  • Capability to structure an assignment logically and limit it to the length required;

TOPIC for Assignment

Critically evaluate below referenced case studies how Emergency Response planning implementation may impact airlines reputation and legitimacy following an aviation accident.

  1. Air Asiana AS 214  accident  dated  July 6, 2013,  Boeing 777
  2. Emirates flight EK 521  accident dated  3 August 2016
  3. Southwest Airlines Flight 1380  accident dated April 17, 2018
  4. Spanair Flight 5022 (JK5022)  accident dated 20 August 2008

(All four  incidents must  be included)


Addresses the specific question(s) posed. Demonstrates clear understanding of topic(s) with good theoretical background.

Explains relevant concepts, principles, theories, case studies and provides practical examples where appropriate.

Critical Analysis / Evaluation 

Presents an analysis and evaluation of the ideas and theories discussed. Critically reviews literature; contrast and compares relevant debates, concepts and theories.

Arguments illustrate critical analysis and evaluation with an internal integration and coherence.

Review of Supporting Evidence

Demonstrates adequate use of sources to gain further in-depth knowledge of the topic in question and the specific question(s) posed.

Justifies literature in relation to question(s); clearly links literature to objectives; incorporates current  / recent literature

Discussion and Conclusion

Synthesises the analysis of key principles and concepts  and discusses and explores alternative outcomes

Provides a suitable conclusion in relation to the area(s) of discussion and the specific question(s; draws from analysis; provides rational alternative arguments / recommendations which are supported.

Effective Communication

Presents material in logical, fluent order; error free in respect to grammar, spelling, typographical errors.

Correct format with referencing and a complete, detailed bibliography

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