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Critically evaluate how Maxine Greene theory may be applied in practice to contemporary arts activity in a nursery environment

Title: Critically evaluate how Maxine Greene theory may be applied in practice to contemporary art activity in a nursery environment.

Word count- you can go over the word count maximum will be 3000words (reference list is not included in word count).

Choose one of the theorists covered during the workshops. Critically evaluate how this theorist maybe applied in practice to a hypothetical[1], contemporary arts activity in a particular educational setting or phase of your choice.

Theorist chosen- Maxine Greene  (theory on imagination) (a powerpoint called Maxine Greene is included please read through that for help)

Educational setting chosen- Early years (nursery environment).

Please remember to link the theorist views to contemporary arts activities within early years (nursery).

Structure this work well make sure the work flows and is easy to read (so no confusion made) please remember not to describe rather critically evaluate and analyse, link it like a chain when moving onto another focus. Please don’t jump off straight away from one focus to another please evaluate and analyse what is said. Give a point on what is going to be said from the start then give your evidence from references then go in to evaluate and analyse that focus then link it like a chain when moving on and repeat the process point, evidence, evaluate and analyse etc. (an attachment called help for structure is included please read through that for help).

if you look at an arts activity in a nursery environment, you would want to support it with references to the EYFS at least. Please open the link below which the eyfs. (please make sure this is all based in the UK, England) please let me know if you can open the link.


The essay should demonstrate:

  • a detailed understanding of appropriate aspects of the chosen theorist’s ideas;
  • an evaluation of the applicability and usefulness of these ideas in a selected educational setting or phase;
  • a resulting educational activity which critically applies the theorist’s ideas within this educational phase/setting.

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