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Critically explore, examine and evaluate international curriculums past and present for children and young people

Assessment Brief - Task 2



Module Title

Historical and International Perspectives



Assessment Type/Element/Title



% Weighting


Word count (inc equivalent or duration


Programme/Award Title



BA(Hons) Childhood and Youth Studies


Assignment Title

Presentation on Historical and International Perspectives



Submission Method/Arrangements

15 minute presentation to peers

Turnitin Code

(where applicable)


Assessment Task Overview

Presentation on the changes in education from around the world

Learning Outcomes to be assessed (from Module specification)

3. Critically explore, examine and evaluate international curriculums past and present for children and young people

Penalties for late submission of assessment


Any work submitted after the submission deadline shall be marked as 0%, unless the student has received an approved application for extenuating circumstances. Non-submission of assessed coursework within the submission deadline shall indicate non-engagement with assessment


Failure to submit assessment


The submission and receipt of assessed coursework shall comply with University regulations. Late submission of this or any of the other stages of assessment for this module will incur a penalty according to SHU Academic Regulations.  Use link below to SHU website for full academic regulations:


Assignment Task 2

Research 1 International country and 1 European country outside of Great Britain and the National Curriculum from Great Britain.

Present information on at least 1 curriculum from each of the three countries and give the expectations of the curriculum that is followed.

Academic presentation to include:- Dates from 1980 – Present day.

  1. Childhood in it historical contexts including legislative formation - Timeline
  2. Demonstrate breadth and depth of awareness and understanding of UK and international curriculums within all ages of childhood education
  3. Demonstrate the ability to identify complex, relative factors of national and international policy and legislation that impact on childhood and youth provision
  4. Critically analyse how and why pedagogic practices change because of political, social and economic struggles.

You will be required to hand in 2 printed copies to the panel with a copy of notes if using prior to presentation.

      Marking criteria for this assessment is at the end of the marking matrix

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