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Deal with a real live business issue – either a problem a company is facing or a situation that could be improved (e.g., turnover, sexism at work, lack of engagement

Management Research Report

Management Research Report (MRR) and Management Report Proposal

The MRR is a piece of policy or problem-solving research intended to help an organization implement evidence-based policies. Like all good research, it must be underpinned by academic research techniques and skills.

Doing the research for the MRR will enable you to demonstrate your ability to investigate, diagnose, and make realistic recommendations for managing a real ‘live’ HR-related issue. In the course of these activities, you will develop a range of project management and research related skills.

For the MRR you will receive guidance from an academic supervisor (see more details below). 

Management Report Proposal - guidance on structure and contents

A complex piece of research needs a plan –the Management Report Proposal.

The issues to be covered in the Proposal are:

  • Title (not very important at this stage and can always be changed)
  • The business issue you would like to tackle (e.g., retention, job satisfaction, career development, leadership, engagement and so on);
  • A short review of some relevant research-based literature, together with an indication of further reading (five article titles with a short commentary as to why you think these may be useful)
  • The key concepts that your project will focus on to address this issue (e.g., reward and retention; discrimination and social support; flexible working and absenteeism);
  • Your initial ideas on appropriate methods of gathering data around these questions (e.g., interviews, focus groups, questionnaire etc..);
  • Suggestions as to how your research might help address the business issue;
  • The outline time schedule for this research (e.g., with a Gantt chart). 

Management Research Report – structure and contents

Your MRR must:

  1. Deal with a real live business issue – either a problem a company is facing or a situation that could be improved (e.g., turnover, sexism at work, lack of engagement, talent management, succession planning, leadership development, psychological contract of various generations, employee engagement, induction).
  2. Feature the analysis of some raw qualitative or quantitative data (i.e., your research cannot rely only on an analysis of data undertaken by other people, and you can only re-use existing data if you have access to the raw data source). 

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