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-Define the area of HE (higher education) crisis that you are focusing on.

Leadership in organisation

Group Presentation

-Define the area of HE (higher education) crisis that you are focusing on. 

This can be student experience, staff dissatisfaction, financial strain or any other area you identify from your reading. 

-Key issues in terms difficulties experienced by the sector

Here you need to make connections between different areas. If you primary focus is student dissatisfaction, present it in the wider context. It does not just occur in the vacuum, where everything else is fine. What else is happening? 

-Where is the power located in the system? Who are the leaders? Who are the followers? 

Consider the stakeholders of the system. Which stakeholders have the power to influence the state and events in the system? Who leads? Who follows? Is it a clear cut distinction? (Use Power analysis of a taught module as an example here).  

-What does a contemporary HE leader look like? Based on the notion of crisis, what are your thoughts on how they may look different to improve the situation? This can be a comparative analysis of leadership skills, qualities, vision

Once you identified key leaders, what do they look like? What do they stand for? What is their vision? Draw on selected mainstream leadership theories to discuss this. You may choose a specific individual (a Vice-Chancellor or a particular University who has been in the press much) or you may create a generic image of a leader based on your reading.  

What qualities, skills, and philosophies may they need to change to address the crisis? Refer to academic reading provided to start thinking about this. How do the two images compare?

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