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Demonstrate an ability to recognise, identify, define and produce specifications for a set of engineering problems and communicate the results effectively to a client


Module title

Engineering Mechanics and Design

Module code


Module leader


Assessment title

Pro-Kart Design

Launch date


Submission deadline


Expected date for return of marks and feedback

15 working days after the submission deadline

Face to Face feedback and digital annotations on submission will be made available


Module outcomes assessed


With the numbers and In the order of the Module Specification:

4 Demonstrate an ability to recognise, identify, define and produce specifications for a set of engineering problems and communicate the results effectively to a client

5 Identify and with a minimum of guidance, analyse the data provided and select appropriate methods/techniques to produce an optimum and sustainable design

6 Appraise the social, ethic, economic, and environmental implications of the design process and awareness of the relevant legal and contractual issues

Other: apply theory, critically analyse tech, solve eng prob.


Assessment weighting


Word count (if relevant)

2000 words minimum – or equivalent


Assessment task details


A customer has approached Glyndwr University requesting that students design and develop an innovative system that would allow users with some disabilities to race a Go Kart (Pro-Kart).

A Pro-Kart is available in the E6 workshop for you to measure and evaluate.

You are then to present your proposals along with prototype and full calculation work to the customer for their consideration and further developments.

The customer agreed that the prototype can be virtual (animation or video of a mock-up model…).

The design brief discussed with the customer has allowed to highlight the main function of the system and is as follow:

“Design a system allowing a Pro-Kart to be driven by a person with only use of one arm. It should allow the user to steer, accelerate and brake using only a stick at the centre of the kart. No handle, nothing else but a 2 degree of freedom stick. The system must be easy to maintain and install with no irreversible modification of the chassis, no special tools or training.”

The full PDS (Product Design Specification) and the details of the Criteria Weighting matrix that have been developed in group during the normal timetabled session are available on Moodle under the assessment section.

You are then tasked to :

  1. 1.    Conduct a background research (group or individual research is acceptable), your ideas and finding, once reviewed, collated and moderated, must be published in the “module café” section on Moodle as well as in your report,
  2. 2.    Briefly discuss and justify the Criteria Weighting matrix selection process that has been processed during the timetabled session,
  3. 3.    Brainstorm possible solutions with the group and conduct a thorough analysis of the spec. (group or individual research are acceptable)
  4. 4.    Evaluate the solutions (from a PDS point of view),
  5. 5.    Using a strong and rigid evaluation process (the criteria method developed in the lecture notes), select the best solution then,
  6. 6.    Optimise the selected solution,
  7. 7.    Conduct development work,
  8. 8.    Test,
  9. 9.    Evaluate, then,

10. Develop the chosen idea (to prototype stage).



Submission instructions - What should be the format of the submission? / Where should it be submitted?


A single word document uploaded on Moodle in the appropriate assessment section of the module.

Extra documentation (video, animations…) should be uploaded in the EXTRA DOC on Moodle (on the same submission tab).

Late submissions will be subjected to penalties according to the university regulations (40% if late (less than 7 days) – 0% after)


Hints and tips


Studying the marking scheme is always a good start…

All submitted work is expected to observe academic standards in terms of referencing, academic writing, use of language etc. Failure to adhere to these instructions may result in your work being awarded a lower grade than it would otherwise deserve.

Please include the following statement:

I certify that the whole of this work is the result of my individual effort and that all quotations from books, periodicals, etc. have been acknowledged.”

Organise and present your work (point 1 to 10) in this order.

Include an introduction and a reflective conclusion on the task that you have accomplished.

Group work (brainstorming) is allowed but you must mention what findings have been developed in group (compared to individual effort) and individually. You are also required to mention who was involved in the group. Remember that the selection process (and following steps of the work) must be individual.

Use schematics proposed (at the end of this document) to get the best possible positions of the control stick, remember to take the movements limits (displacement and force) into consideration when verifying steer angles.

Recommendations for further work can also be included in your report.



Marking and moderation

The detailed marking scheme is provided below. Your work will be marked by myself (Olivier Durieux) and moderated according to normal procedures. It is anticipated that the work will be moderated by Nick Burdon. The total mark for the assignment is 50 marks, the details are as follow:

2 Marks Report presentation: Structure and professionalism

  0: no real effort demonstrated

  2: excellent academic presentation, properly structured and clear

5 Marks Criteria of Selection: Discuss and justify

  0: not discussed

  3: full and appropriate discussion of the criteria selection

  5: outstanding discussion, many elements of research demonstrated

10 Marks Brainstorming and Evaluation of the solutions

  0: no element in the report

  4: few elements, quickly reported or accomplished

  10: exhaustive list of tangible solutions, evidence of attention to non-compliance

10 Marks Criteria method / selection:  Appropriate method and/or evaluation to PDS

  0: not demonstrated

  4: some efforts, many aspects left unexplained/unverified

  6: accurate/detailed and constructive results.

  10: outstanding respect of the methodology including extra(s)

10 Marks Optimisation of the selected solution

  0: not demonstrated

  4: some efforts, many aspects of the design not clearly defined

  6: accurate/detailed and constructive results.

  10: outstanding design execution and verification

6 Marks Testing using Prototype

  0: not demonstrated

  2: some efforts, a few functions verified

  6: outstanding, videos of simulation or evidence of real testing made

2 Marks Other factors: i.e.: full prototype, element of manufacture, ‘Module Café”…

  0: none

  2: outstanding contribution or quality of prototype

5 Marks Conclusion: Demonstration of a clear understanding of the problem and

                reflection about what has been achieved

 0: no conclusion

 3: good elements of reflection presented

 5: full and deep grasp of self-reflection and evaluation of performance

     Total is 50 Marks

Support arrangements


Support available at any time during (or just after) all timetabled sessions. Individual support also available (please send email to organise meeting [email protected]) expect answer within 48h maximum.


WARNING : this document may be showing some imperial measurements!


Both anthropometric charts are from:

The Measure of Man; Human Factors in Design by Henry Dreyfuss (1960)


Inspired from K. Tsiopanos (2009) www.coroflot.com/dinotsi/ergopainter


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