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Demonstrate appropriate capabilities consistent with requirements of the PCF at readiness to practice level

 Assessed Readiness for Direct Practice 

Portfolio Guidance 

Assessed Readiness for Direct Practice – What is it? 

As part of the requirements for social work education, all programmes offer opportunities for you to develop your skills for practice. Its main purpose is to prepare you for your first placement and assess your ‘readiness for direct practice’. Demonstrate appropriate capabilities consistent with requirements of the PCF at readiness to practice level

Prior to your first placement, you will be assessed to determine whether you are competent to work directly with service users.

This forms part of your PUP1202 module assessment strategy.

You will be expected to demonstrate readiness to practice by

  • Communication skills with service users, carers and children and other professionals
  • Awareness of social work values and own value base
  • Awareness of own biases and impact of working with diverse groups
  • Professional behaviour, basic knowledge of social work role and context of social work practice
  • Skills in reflective practice
  • Awareness of the legislative framework of social work, including human rights
  • Awareness of the knowledge base and models of intervention used in social work

The details of the Professional Capabilities Framework –Readiness for Direct Practice are posted on Blackboard for your information

Submission of Portfolio

This is a hard copy to submitted to the FOHSCM Helpdesk

Submission of Assignment

This is submitted via turnitin

Portfolio Marking Criteria

  1. Demonstrate appropriate capabilities consistent with requirements of the PCF at readiness to practice level.
  2. Meet the requirements of the HCPC Standards of conduct and ethics for students.

Portfolio Assessment Panel

The assessment Panel is comprised of representatives from the university, service users and carers and employers.

Your portfolio is read, and a decision reached as to your readiness for direct practice. The portfolio is not awarded an academic mark but is judged against the PCF capability statements at the Readiness to Practice level.

ARDP Activities

A structured approach provides you with the opportunity to practise your communication skills and ability to engage safely and effectively with service users and professionals.

There will be 3 activities as follows:-

Professional Experience Day   - 14 October 2019

This is specifically intended to provide you with the opportunity to increase your understanding of the tasks, role and function of social work.

In small groups you will have the opportunity to meet with individual practitioners to discuss the work they do and the challenges and rewards they experience. Following these discussions, you are then required to reflect on the experience and write an account of what you have learned (500 words) to include in your portfolio

Office simulation exercise – 12 December 2019

This exercise enables students to experience a day in the office. You are expected to arrive dressed appropriately for a day in the office and to come suitably prepared. On arrival you will be allocated a workspace and computer and work through a programme that involves exercises relating to a day in the life of a social worker. There will also be opportunities for you to interact with service users and carers.

Following this activity, you are required to reflect on the experience and write an account of what you have learned (500 words) to include in your portfolio

Aftathought Drama Company Exercise – The Realities of Social Work Practice

Date – 26th November, 2019

This drama production will provide you with the opportunity to observe and contribute a range of social work scenarios.  You will be required to reflect upon your learning from this activity (500 words) and identify three areas for your own development that will inform your practise.  Please consider both the importance of anti-discriminatory practice and the importance of communication.

N.B. Following these activities, you will be invited to submit a draft 500-word reflection

This should be submitted via turnitin



Portfolio Content

The portfolio will contain the following: -

  • Contents sheet
  • Confirmation of attendance at all 3 ARDP days
  • Evidence from each of the ARDP days (see below)

The portfolio of evidence is submitted by hand to FOHSCM Reception.

Your assignment can be added to your portfolio when it has been marked and returned to you.

  • A 1500-word academic assignment will be submitted via turnitin.

This is a reflective commentary of your portfolio evidence and development of the skills you have acquired to communicate effectively with, and respond to feedback from, practitioners and service users, making specific reference to each of the three ARDP days.

Activity Day

Evidence - Written item

Professional Experience Day

Written reflection on the experience (500 words)

Learning needs or focus to carry forward into placement

Office simulation exercise

Reflection on the exercise (500 words)

Case recording of interaction with service user

Assessment Document

Feedback from service user

Feedback from practitioner

On line exercises

Aftathought Drama Company

Reflection of the session (500 words)

Identify 3 issues raised that can be taken forward to placement from the scenarios presented (2 or 3 sentences each

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