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Demonstrate current and up-to-date knowledge and evaluation of the offender journey from arrest through to disposal and end of the sentence.


Offenders and Offending: The experience of end to end management.

Core Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome

On completion of this unit you should be able to:

Threshold criteria


The ability to study independently and take responsibility for your learning showing a critical understanding of the Offender Journey informed by current scholarship and research, and how through critical analysis of that knowing how it may or may not provide solutions to the problem of offending.


Demonstrate current and up-to-date knowledge and evaluation of the offender journey from arrest through to disposal and end of the sentence.



Demonstrate an ability to synthesise research outputs and analyse the results in order to reach solutions to challenging situations relating to offender management.


Critically review contemporary solutions to offending and the management of offenders.


The ability to communicate effectively through your critical understanding and knowledge of the offender journey, synthesising and evaluating current research, and to offer creative and innovative solutions to offending.


Demonstrate high level communication skills in both written and verbal formats.


Demonstrate an informed evaluation of scholarship and research through the accessing and application of current research outputs.



Demonstrate the ability to synthesise knowledge and to apply that knowledge to the problems of offending.


Assignment 1


To provide a written report of 2,000 words which encompasses the selection and review of one article or other scholarly output that provides analysis and insights into offender management and to justify your selection stating how it contributes to current knowledge.

Assignment Two

TASK: A poster presentation demonstrating critical understanding, evaluation and knowledge of the Offender Journey and how current research has contributed to this knowledge, and to offer creative and innovative ways of addressing offending.


A 2,000-word essay: You are to provide a critical analysis of how current research impacts upon the offender journey and the management of the offender during this process.

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