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Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the theories and principles of effective communication and how this can enhance personal and professional practice


On successful completion of the module, you will be able to: 

• demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the theories and principles of effective communication and how this can enhance personal and professional practice; 

• use and apply a variety of communication techniques to work effectively in different contexts for different audiences; 

• show knowledge and understanding of how to modify communication strategies in order to respect diversity and meet the needs of groups and individuals within the early years. 

 • Critically reflect upon their communication skills and identify ways to improve and enhance these for different contexts;  

• Critically analyse relevant issues and discourses that may impact upon effective communication in the setting, recognising limitations and the need to engage other professionals and/or adults where appropriate. 

Essay- Component Two (50% of overall grade- 3000 words) 

In component two you will complete an essay which will include the rationale of your chosen area for development drawing on relevant theory and research.

Within your essay you will explore issues such as awareness of diversity, strategies used and style of presentation/communication approaches when sharing your chosen area for development with parents and practitioners.

You will demonstrate the theories, principles and discourses that may impact on communication within your setting and the wider early years.

Please refer to the learning outcomes when completing your essay. 

It is essential that you underpin your essay with a wide range of relevant literature, following the Harvard referencing method throughout. 

 I have attached my presentation that I did regarding effective communication.

- My rational was how to effectively communication and have gain parental engagement with parents during covid-19.

- As the parents are not allowed on site to speak to us teachers or see their child’s work, I communicated this with the team to try and find a way to engage with parents effectively, then sent a survey to parents asking what they preferred and then put the results into practice, by

- making a team’s channel that is accessible for the parents to message, call and make appointments on.

- A class direct email that will come straight to us and no admin

- A class SharePoint page with the children’s work and any important information provided.

- Phone calls, Instagram and online tapestry

 Please find all info in the presentation and presentation Notes and link to theory and communication models etc.

-Expand on presentation

- Introduction – what is communication, and my setting included -> family types, cultural background, and parenting styles (how easy or difficult to communicate)

- Rational – reasoning to why I choose this (parents not supported due to limitation of covid-19)

- Tuckman theory (communication, how easy was it to use zoom or be online/technology)

- Style of presentation – animation with voice over. Behind the scene but voice is heard.

- Strategies used à emails, zoom, meetings etc.

- EAL can affective communication and terminology may impact communication and wider early years

Area of development has been implemented already – back with theory

Staff learning new methods à EPPE PROJECT (STAFF TRAINING) 2002-2004

  • The context of your setting 
  • The area you have selected for development 
  • Why you have selected the area for development? 
  • How will you inform parents (communication methods)? 
  • How will you inform/involve staff (communication methods)? 
  • How practice will be enhanced? 

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