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Describe your chosen ‘environmental or green issue or community spirit’ business and what you intend to sell (ideally 4 complementary products/services). State clearly your chosen leadership and management style(s) for now and when your business expands. 10 Marks

our business MUST encompass an environmental or green issue or community spirit operation i.e. environmentally friendly, recycling, or supporting your immediate community is the primary focus. Flexibility is key and therefore you should commence with ‘small/low risk/flexible operations such as: market stalls, garage, weekend/evenings, parties. etc. and then grow into a more sustainable organisation. Types of business are open to your choice – suggestions could include, knitted garments, party makers, computer repairs, Organic vegetables etc etc. You will select to sell 4 complementary items. The word count excludes appendices. You must include within the appendices all relevant supporting business expenses and research documentation clearly cross referenced within the report..
Assignment: prepare a formal REPORT and it should contain the following: 

Describe your chosen ‘environmental or green issue or community spirit’ business and what you intend to sell (ideally 4 complementary products/services). State clearly your chosen leadership and management style(s) for now and when your business expands. 10 Marks 

Provide in your own words, a background as to the general products, price of similar goods available in the vicinity of London (max 1 pages of A4 typed) including competitive benchmarking and supporting calculations and include references. 10 Marks 

The Business Budget/Forecast: Please ensure each element is individually identifiable within your report. You should provide commentary on all calculations and you need to provide evidence of cross-references. 

Produce a per unit cost statement for each item. Also, clearly identify a selling price for your business’s products/services. Prepare a detailed Cash Budget Income Statement using marginal costing principles showing 1st year of operation -i.e. one outlet.10 Marks 

Assess the potential to grow your business with 2 additional outlets. Prepare a 3 year forecast (using Marginal Costing principles) for each of the 3 businesses and include some sensitivity analysis e.g. BEP/MOS and risk and uncertainty analysis. 25 Marks 

Provide some recommendations and overall conclusion to your report. 5 Marks 

Overall impression: marks will be awarded for innovation, originality of approach, concise, logical report format (single word-processed document with excel calculations within word document), relevant references and business quotations from suppliers and all business expenses, etc. Throughout your report you need to provide evidence of academic references, which will require full Harvard referencing and marks will be awarded for correct use. 

10 Marks 

Reflecting on your overall learning experience briefly discuss what you have gained from undertaking this module including the various tasks within this assignment. You should include a reflection of your lectures/seminars/workshops and own time, in shaping your learning environment (max 1 A4 page). Marks 10% 

Total 100% 

Useful websites and other sources of help include: 




and many others

Re-read assignment: - Focus on what is specifically required prior to introducing other elements within your business. It is your responsibility to ensure all elements are clearly labelled. Write according to the marks available.

* Use `I` (or 3rd person plural) throughout your report and be consistent. My suggestion is `I` as its a small and growing business.

* Use UK English throughout and - £sterling. Avoid US English and $ etc. and spell check prior to submission.

* Re-read your final draft, have independent person read if feasible (not another student), prior to submission to eliminate any duplication/repeats - use and reference appendix as necessary.

* Use lots of headings and sub-headings to guide the reader.

* Use Ariel 12 point and 1.5 line spacing throughout report for nice consistency with reasonable margins. Page numbers middle at bottom of sheet to allow for double sided printing.

* Each of your businesses needs a clear `Unique Selling Point` and should be stated in the 1st page of your report. State your products/services clearly and stick to them throughout report.

* State your chosen leadership(management) style and apply consistently for the 3 years of start-up. 

* You need to apply the various models to your business (no theory introductions required) eg. PESTEL/5 Forces/SWOT/ Cost Leadership/Differentiation/Focus etc.

* You need to show specifically what your business Environmental/Ethical/Community issue is: avoid it being your suppliers or your customers responsibility to deliver?

* State clearly your competitors in your location - avoid generalisations which are outside the scope of the customer at time of purchase.

* Business profile - avoid cost leadership unless you have significant volumes? Likewise - avoid discounts - rather build loyalty with loyalty benefits - buy 5 - 6th free?

* Avoid sensational `Sun Newspaper statements` in favour of academic statements with journal references.

* Place non-essential extras clearly referenced in the appendix. Focus the report on what is specifically required.

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