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Determine the viability of the area for tourism Consider the role of public relations, publicity, promotions and marketing techniques


This project is the capstone portion of the Asian Tourism course. The entire course is directed toward each student integrating learning and experiences to achieve the best possible project outlining a fully implementable marketing initiative for a specific Asian location. The plan should be innovative, relevant, well-researched, comprehensive and detailed.

A very important element of the course is the completion of a project that outlines a proposed successful and innovative tourism marketing campaign for an Asian location. Students will be allowed to select a location of their choice in an Asian nation- NOTE: No two students may choose the exact same location. I also ask that students choose a different nation than one that they may be from or have lived or worked in. The goal of this project is to learn about new locations- so please choose a country that you enjoy learning about, but NOT your home country.

You should choose one of the following countries and then select a location (city or region) in that country. This will be first come, first serve- depending on what order I receive your email informing me about your choice.

So: 1. choose your country (I will also limit these to three persons for any one country).

2. Choose your second and third choice of country (in case I need to make assignments if many choose the same)

3. You will have a broad array of venues and themes (music, conference, sporting, association, etc.) to choose from in a given location (city or region). This will be your choice how to best orient a tourism marketing program (and of course justify why you would position a marketing effort in that way)

4. Your assignment for the major project is to design a very well researched and completed report and presentation outlining an innovative and thorough marketing program for that city or region for the year 2019. In other words, you are thinking of an event for the next year for a venue, city, part of a country or country and how it would be marketed. You should do thorough background research on tourism patterns, venue, culture, tourism offerings, economic environment, political environment, physical environment, travel industry role in the venue (meetings, group travel, accommodations, etc.). You may rely on existing marketing information but you MUST create a new marketing concept and program (this is VERY important that you do not merely re-use what is currently being used!)

The project is due the final week of the course and is worth 25% of the total grade. Additionally, midway through the course, students must submit a three-page interim report (outline) with major sources identified and any outstanding questions or issues encountered. This “interim check-in” will serve as the mid-term and is intended primarily as a way for the instructor to guide the students toward completion of the project in optimal fashion

Students will choose a country from the list below. No more than three students may select a given nation and no two students may work on the exact same location (city or region).

Elements to be sure to consider for the project and report include:

Determine the viability of the area for tourism Consider the role of public relations, publicity, promotions and marketing techniques Devise objectives and goals for measuring success of tourism and tourism marketing for the area Evaluate the feasibility of your marketing program in relation to its market Focus on events and venues that are a core of your tourist area marketing Outline basic cost-benefit analysis and possible marketing budgeting Integrate all pertinent aspects of understanding a tourist base: multi-cultural and multi- lingual topics, emerging technologies, economic and financial conditions and trends, health and safety issues, transportation, managing scalable matters, information systems Present an executable complete marketing plan Demonstrate the effectiveness of the program by including appropriate design, implementation and interpretation of assessment processes, tools and methods 

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