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Develop a sound understanding of the marketing communication process and its impact on the customer decision-making process

This paper revolves around the core theme of the marketing communication plan in which you have to make a report carrying this topic. In addition, you are supposed to develop a solid comprehension of the marketing communication process, impact on the customer decision-making process, awareness of different marketing communication approaches, strategies employed by organisations along with representing the ability to collect valuable secondary data to support or illustrate the arguments within the context of marketing communication. Also, evaluate the pros and cons of the key marketing communication concepts.


Marketing Assignment Brief

Marketing Communications Plan

Assessment Learning Outcomes

This assignment is made up of a written Marketing Communications Plan and must demonstrate the debate of module concepts and theories.

The intended learning outcomes will be summatively assessed as follows:

Grasp fundamental theoretical concepts in the area of marketing communications management.



  • ü  Develop a sound understanding of the marketing communication process and its impact on the customer decision-making process.
  • ü  Develop an awareness of different marketing communications approaches and the related strategies used by a wide range of organisations.
  • ü  Demonstrate the skills of sourcing and using secondary data to illustrate or support arguments in the context of marketing communications decision-making.
  • ü  Analyse advantages and limitations of the main marketing communications concepts and be able to apply them to scenarios in current marketing cases.

Details of the task


Individual Marketing Plan

The final assignment for this module, you are required to write a Marketing Communications Plan.

Adopting the role of a marketing communications consultant create a marketing communications plan for the launch of a new HEALTH AND/OR FITNESS brand in the UK.

You should develop a one-year marketing communications plan to launch a campaign. The market place is crowded so your campaign should be designed so it stands out.

- Review the external environment to decide what would appeal to a market segment (justifying your choices)
- Define your campaign objectives
- Decide on your positioning by assessing the competition and compile a perceptual map to identify a gap in the market

- Explain your brand identity and personality as well as the value proposition, giving reasons for your choices
- Consider how your new product will be distributed and the implications for the marcomms campaign

- Using a range of traditional and digital tools and social media, devise and justify the promotional strategy to reach the customer 
Consider the appeal to be used
Give reasons for the chosen message and the source
Explain how and why you will create a buzz o Think of the schedule (pulse, drip etc... )



- Develop a media plan, giving reasons for your suggestions - Explain the evaluation techniques to be employed.



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