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Differentiate between Rosemary’s personal rights and legal rights in this case

ssignment Brief


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Nursing and Midwifery


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Care Principles




Assignment Title

Confidentiality, Anti-Discriminatory Practice, Individual Rights and Identity (2 of 2)



Task 1:

You are required to write a 1500-word essay in which you must evidence the following:

  • A summary of legislation/charters relating to confidentiality. You must make reference to the General Data Protection Regulations (2018). You may include extracts of this within an appendix (2.1).
  • An evaluation of the effectiveness of methods of giving, receiving and storing information (2.2)
  • Using an example, analyse issues relating to confidentiality in the care setting as a Nurse or Midwife, making reference to client choice and the right/need to know (2.3).
  • Again, using an example, explain the personal contribution that you can make as a Nurse or Midwife in promoting anti-discriminatory practice (3.1), summarising your roles and responsibilities as a Nurse or Midwife in terms of accountability for Equality and Diversity in the hospital or community setting, in meeting the equality objectives of the organisation for which you work (3.2)

Task 2:

Within this task you have a case study which explores topics around individual rights, choice, personal beliefs and identity. Following each part of the case study you will have some questions you will need to answer. You must consistently refer back to the given case study. You must back up all factual statements with reliable references.

Part One:

Rosemary is a 72-year-old, Jamaican lady who has lived in the United Kingdom since early childhood. She married in the UK and raised her family here. Her husband passed away prematurely in an industrial accident. She has since been fiercely independent, retiring at 60 from her insurance work and then travelling the world with friends. She ceased travelling at 70 to help her daughter Winsome with childcare.

Four months ago, after a persistently bad cough that wouldn’t go away, Rosemary visited her doctor. After many tests, it was discovered that she had lung cancer, which had spread to her bones. She was put into the care of the palliative team, where you first met Rosemary.

Due to the rapid decline in her health, Rosemary has had to move in with Winsome and her family.

Rosemary disclosed to you that she doesn’t want to be alive anymore, and she is going to ask Winsome for assistance in dying. She feels that she is a burden to her daughter who is now struggling for childcare as well as looking after her. She also disclosed that Winsome would be better off if she wasn’t around because there is ‘a big insurance payout coming her way’ in the event of her death.

  1. Differentiate between Rosemary’s personal rights and legal rights in this case (4.1)
  2. Explain some of the factors which potentially may affect her rights (for example abuse, risks, socio-economic and cultural factors) (4.2)

(300 words)

Part Two:

After speaking at length with Rosemary and discussing support options that can be put into place, she explained that she was frightened, anxious and in pain, and wasn’t thinking rationally. She particularly benefitted from speaking to her pastor as a Christian. It transpires she was also worried that her daughter’s only support, Rosemary’s sister, Auntie Pearl, may be deported due to her passport status as she was part of the Windrush Generation. She felt the insurance pay out would help the situation. Her pastor reassured her that support was available for Pearl from the Home Office. Rosemary has always been the care giver of her family and found the change in her role particularly challenging.

  1. Examine the factors that influence the development of identity- consider factors such as culture and ethnicity, gender role and family role (5.1)
  2. Analyse how your care practices can support Rosemary’s basic human needs (5.2)
  3. Analyse ways in which Rosemary’s beliefs and preferences may her affect care delivery (5.3)

(350 words)

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