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Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon/Azure cloud providers and their services

Coursework Assignment 1 Brief 

Academic year and term:

2019/20 – Semester-1, Year 2

Module title:

Cloud Computing

Module code:


Module Convener:


Learning outcomes assessed within this piece of work as agreed at the programme level meeting

On successful completion of this module students will be able to

  1. Critical appraisal of design and development methods and services that access local and remote data from various data sources.
  2. The ability to design, develop, deploy and test services to cloud environments.
  3. Identifying hardware required for different Cloud Computing models.
  4. Evaluate and elaborate the importance of dataflow-computational processing in the Cloud.
  5. Create scalable, load-balanced services and implement growth strategies.


Type of assessment:           

Group work -  Report

Students will work as a group of 3-4 students

Assessed Learning outcomes

 2, 3 & 5



Assessment 1 deadline:

Group project report should be submitted on or before 02/12/2019) by (no later than 2pm). This should be submitted via Moodle as a word file which should contain screen shots of the code as well as sample output (see the deliverables required in this assignment ) 

Assignment 1


Online Academy is an online education provider established in 2015, which sells online IT courses. It has grown over the years into a company with a turnover of £2 million.  The company is headquartered in London, where the company was originally founded, with regional offices in Manchester and Wales.

They are looking to move their IT infrastructure to Amazon Cloud to meet the needs of their growing business. As a junior Cloud Consultant, you have been asked to help them



60%: Assignment 1 (involving a case study)

Note: To pass this module:

  • You must attempt all pieces of assessment and you must achieve at least 40% overall.
  • If you have a re-sit, you must attempt all the elements you have failed as failing marks cannot be carried forward without attempting re-sits.

Word count: 2000

For written assignments, students need to state the word count at the end of the assignment. 10% over the stated word count is permitted without penalty. If students go beyond this, then there is a penalty of 5 marks for every additional 10% beyond the word count. The word count includes the Abstract or Executive Summary and all in-text citations. The word count excludes the Bibliography and Appendices. Please note that Appendices should only include supplementary information not provided in the main text. There is no specific penalty for submitting a piece which is below the word count, but please note that shorter written submissions are likely to attract poorer grades, particularly where they lack the necessary depth of analysis.


Tasks / Deliverables of the Assignment 1:

Marks are awarded for producing a properly documented system that meets the requirements as specified below:

Task 1: [30%]

1.    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon/Azure cloud providers and their services [10%]

  1. Critically evaluate Identity & Access Management (IAM) services, create two users (admin, non admin) and allocate appropriate privileges according to their role. [10%]

3.    Critically evaluate the Amazon EC2 and Lambda services. Create a virtual machine (Amazon AMI) using admin user in the AWS cloud for the given case study, e.g.  Launch an Amazon EC2 Instance, configure and select Amazon AMI, create a new security key pair and connect to instance. [10%]

(Students must provide all screenshots and explanations)

Task 2: [30%]


  1. Critically evaluate Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and connect to the MySQL database using MySQL Workbench e.g.  Create a MySQL DB Instance for the given scenario, Download a SQL Client (Workbench), and connect to the MySQL Database.

(Students must provide all screenshots and explanations)

Task 3: [30%]

  1. Discuss the following AWS services and how it can be useful for the Online Academy company [15%]

                              I.        CloudWatch

                            II.        CloudTrail

                           III.        S3 Glacier

                          IV.        AWS Backup

  1. Critically evaluate Amazon Website and App Services. Deploy web applications of the given case study to cloud environments e.g. download, Install, Configure WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Apache into EC2 instance to query and manipulate cloud based data structures. [15%]

(Students must provide all screenshots and explanations)

Referencing and Bibliography:  [10%]

Although your report will make use of an existing body of knowledge, you must write your assignment with your own words to demonstrate your understanding of the subject. You are required to follow the Harvard referencing system when citing others` work. An accompanying list of references must also be provided as part of your report. Extensively referenced work reflects the level of research you conducted in the process of producing the document. It is also an acknowledgement of other people’s work. Correct referencing demonstrates your academic and professional skill. It also reflects your academic honesty and thus to some degree protects you from cases of plagiarism.

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