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Does JW theory matter given the disregard for it?

Just war theory seeks to ensure that any war that a nation engages in is morally justifiable through three main criteria that include jus ad bellum, jus in bello, and jus Post bellum. The first criteria covers the reason for going to war. It dictates that people should only go to war if they have enough justification after all other intervention means have failed. The second criteria governs how parties engaged in a conflict should carry it out including who should be targeted and what weapons should be used (Allman and Tobias 11). The last criteria covers the activities that happen after the war. It directs how the prisoners should be treated, the formation of peace treaties, how the conflict should end, among many others factors.

The desired end result of any conflict is peace, which means that parties should only engage in a war if they seek to attain a long lasting peace. However, peace in this context goes beyond the absence of violence to mean the tranquility that comes with order, also referred to as tranquillitas ordinis (Allman and Tobias 85). Tranquillitas ordinis has been critical in influencing the vision of jus Post bellum criteria since it defines the desired state of affairs once the conflict ends. Does JW theory matter given the disregard for it?? This third set of criteria is also critical in facilitating tranquillitas ordinis since it provides a framework that can be utilized in validating just cause, which, in this case, is the desire to attain a long lasting state of tranquility. By incorporating tranquillitas ordinis as one of the key goals of jus pos bellum, the desired end results become clear since it provides a comparative measure that can act as a guide towards achieving the greater good.

What is, and how does the tranquilitas ordinis influence the vision of jus post bellum criteria in the broader Just War Theory? Does this third set of criteria better facilitate the tranquilitas ordinis? Answer the following 3 follow up questions:

Does JW theory matter given the disregard for it?

Is JW theory too idealistic, and therefore effectively a deterrent more than a justification for warmaking? 

How can it actually act as a guide toward achieving the greater good? And what good is it achieving? 

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