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Does the huge growth in "online shopping‟ really mean the extinction of the traditional "high street‟ store or can they successfully co-exist?


Assignment 1- Case Study on E-Retailing/E-Marketing

Assessment Type


CW1a weighting

70% of module marks

Word limit

2000 words

Assignment 1 Case Study on E-Retailing/E-Marketing

Please take some time to view the following four videos (at least twice) on the future of shop- ping.

Video 1. Alibaba’s New Retail Experience (5mins)


Video 2. Retail 2020: 5 Technologies (6mins)


Video 3. Supermarket 2020: A vision of the future (4mins)


Video 4. Location Based Marketing (3mins)


Now answer the following 4 questions:

  1. Does the huge growth in "online shopping‟ really mean the extinction of the traditional "high street‟ store or can they successfully co-exist?
  2. Discuss the 5 „New‟ technologies outlined in video 2 and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each technology.
  3. In video  3  we see Symphony Retail‟s  vision of  Supermarket  2020.  Discuss what your Supermarket of the future would look like and what it should contain/not contain.
  4. We are told that Location-Based Marketing is about connecting people, places and media (Video 4). What are the ethical considerations around businesses knowing every „place‟ we visit?

Questions should be answered based on both of the following:

At least five relevant sources on online shopping (books, journals, conference papers, reputable websites, etc.) to enhance and develop ideas from the three videos; AND

The three assessment videos

Submission Details:

To apply for an extension, fill the “Extension form” available on Module Information tab on Blackboard and send it to [email protected] before the submission date.

  • TurnItIn link on BBL
  • Word Limit: 2000 words (excluding cover page/table of contents, written assessment question, reference/bibliography, and tables, images or charts/diagrams)

Ø    +10% no penalty

Ø    +>10% - 20% 5% penalty

Ø    +>20%  -  30% 10% penalty

Ø    +>30%  -  40% 15% penalty

Ø    +>40%  -  50% 20% penalty

Ø    +>50% maximum mark of 50% (PG level)

  • Guidance on the assignment will be provided during the module

Submission Guidelines:

  • The assignment should be created in a report style format (introduction and conclusion are not required)
  • Word count will exclude contents page, tables, diagrams, bibliography and references
  • Place only your B00 number on your assignment, not your name. Assessments with the student name will not be accepted.
  • Insert word count clearly on the cover page
  • All pages must be numbered
  • Separate the Reference and Bibliography sections.
    • Reference section consists of materials that were cited throughout the assignment
    • Bibliography consists of background reading materials that are not cited in the assignment.
    • Harvard Referencing (in-text and full list citations) must be used throughout the report

(If in doubt, ask your tutor during the class sessions on advice regarding any of the above)

Marking criteria for Assignments 1 - (100%) 








  • The essay goes into sufficient depth (not superfi-cial)
  • Demonstrates a sound know ledge of the topic area






  • Provide evidence that you have read the material
  • Good understanding shown
  • Material is original
  • Covered keyissues






  • Any sources that are used are properly cited
  • Harvard referencing system is used
  • Identify and use at least five relevant sources







  • Narrative is clear and easy to follow
  • Spelling has been checked
  • Grammar has been checked






  • Good clear presentation style at all times
  • The material is w ell structured
  • Meets the w ord limit criteria (1,500 max)







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