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ach student will be asked to submit a 1 page double-spaced proposal which discusses the product or service selected and the general approach which will be taken. This proposal is due by the end of Week 1.



The purpose of this assignment is to give students experience in applying course concepts to the development of an integratedmarketing communications (IMC) campaign.  Each student will develop an integrated marketing communications plan for a product or service of their choosing.  Students will develop this plan throughout this course, first in terms of a proposal and three (3) mini-projects which will address various subsections of the overall plan. The mini projects will be incorporated into your final IMC Plan.  As a part of the presentation, each student shall develop a full-page, full-color print advertisement for their campaign. In addition, each student will be required to turn in a 10-to-12 page written IMC Plan which details the rationale and strategy underlying the campaign. You are encouraged to use your creativity and "have fun" with this assignment.


Selection of Project or Service – Proposal – Due Week 1

Each student will be given the flexibility to select a product or service which interests them.  However, two factors must guide the selection of a product or service.  First, you should select a brand or service which you feel could improve its market position by changing the marketing communications strategy.  In other words, the market leader in a product category (i.e. AT&T, Verizon, etc.) should be avoided.  Second, the product or service should be one which normally includes television as an important part of the campaign.

Each student will be asked to submit a 1 page double-spaced proposal which discusses the product or service selected and the general approach which will be taken.  This proposal is due by the end of Week 1.

Mini- projects (see below for the requirements of each mini project)

Rather than having one large project occur at the end of course, you will develop the plan over the next seven (7) weeks through a series of mini projects.  These mini- projects will ask each student to carefully analyze and develop a strategy for each of the main strategic areas of the communications plan: Advertising (Project 1), Sales Promotion/ Public Relations (Project 2), Direct Marketing (Project 3).  These mini projects will then be incorporated into your final Integrated Marketing Communications Plan.

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