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eparate summary discussion of public relations issues & opportunities. Also see the sample plan. Focus on PR issues/opportunities. Operations, products, pricing are beyond the scope of PR.

This assignment is to select a company for which you will research and develop a formal public relations plan.   It is suggested that you select a company for which you have access to the required research stated below.




APA Format

  • Title page
  • Heading for each section below (after the title page)
  • Double space
  • 12 pt. font throughout—Arial or Times New Roman
  • Use consistent double spacing
  • Indent paragraphs
  • Use spell checker




Content Overview

  1. 1.       Title page (in APA format)


  1. 2.       Table of contents, including page numbers


  1. 3.       RESEARCH REQUIRED (yelp, facebook, newspaper)


Conduct and summarize secondary research (min. 2 sources) and primary research (min. 1 source) to address the following:


A. Background

  • Brief overview of company, its products and annual financial performance (in terms of annual revenue and/or sales.  This should not exceed one page. 
  • Company brand/image
  • Summary of current PR, marketing or ad campaign/s (incl. social media) as applicable.
  • Recent challenges and/or achievements in public relations
    • Best sources are company web site and articles in newspapers, journals, etc. ( social media coverage )


▪    Interview with company employee if available (optional)

▪    Observations/assessment of site visit/s if available (reference the exercise in this workbook)

▪    Assessment of company materials and web site  (for the website review, reference the exercise in this workbook)

▪    If you are focusing on a local community as the targeted stakeholder, research its demographics in terms of age, income, ethnicity, education.



  1. Separate summary discussion of public relations issues &          opportunities.     Also see the sample plan. Focus on PR issues/opportunities.  Operations, products, pricing are beyond the scope of PR.     REQUIRED



  1. Comprehensive list of stakeholders (per class exercise).  REQUIRED



  1. Target stakeholder:  REQUIRED  .
    1. Identify one stakeholder group on which the plan will focus, as they are within the scope of Marketing.
    2. Assess the stakeholder group, replicating the assessment chart used in class exercise.
    3. In addition to chart, offer discussion of the assessment (minimum three paragraphs)


PUBLIC RELATIONS PLAN (Insert the planning chart used in class and provided in the template)

  1. Objective/s REQUIRED
    1. a.     The objective for your plan will be:  “To raise positive brand awareness of [company name] among key stakeholders.”
    2. b.     However, after your research and based on consultation with the instructor, you may establish a different or additional objective.   
    3. c.     Be sure your stated objectives fall under the responsibility of the Public Relations function vs.  Sales, Marketing or other functions. PR does not directly sell products or services, nor can it change products or prices, alter operations, or offer discounts.
    4. d.     Refer to  standard objectives discussed in class (refer to Workbook)



  1. Strategies: Select from strategies discussed in class or other strategies as applicable (minimum two REQUIRED
    1. The strategies should apply to the , issues, opportunities objectives and target stakeholder group stated above


  1. Tactics: Select from menu of tactics discussed in class :
    1. Creative theme to tie to existing marketing or ad campaign OR your own creative theme (slogan or hashtag) to tie all elements together. For example, “Just do it.”  OR  “You deserve a break today.”  OR #IslandBride  REQUIRED .


  1. Media relations REQUIRED. State general categories of media that will be targeted, such as business publications, food publications, bridal publications, etc.  Identify at least 3 specific media in each category.  For example, business media, including Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes.  In the workbook, see the list of media relations tactics.  Other than advertorials, advertising is not a media relations tactic. 



  1. Social media REQUIRED.  Indicate specific social media channels and how each will be used. Select the social media channel that can best reach the target.   Provide specifics about content.


  1. Special event REQUIRED. Describe the event: Who will attend? What will happen?   Where will it be hosted? 


  1. Two additional tactics REQUIRED


  1. Please do not select advertising as a tactic.   You may use advertorials, however (see glossary).



  1. Unless the company already uses a celebrity spokesperson, please do not use celebrity spokespersons in your tactics.   


  1. Be sure to confine your tactics to public relations vs. sales or marketing or other functions. For example, coupons, pricing, incentives, discounts, BOGOs, and product advertising are not acceptable tactics.  


  1. Offer specific details as to how the tactic will be developed and executed.  What would a brochure say and look like? Where would an event be hosted; who would attend?  What would happen at the event? Where would it be held?


  1. The tactics should apply to the stated objectives, strategies and target stakeholder group stated above.


  1. A budget is NOT REQUIRED
  2. References REQUIRED:  Use APA format and style.  Refer to citationmachine.net and the APA guide in this workbook for assistance.





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