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• Evaluate strategic implications for domestic and international markets of an organization`s industry.

Your task in Project 4 was to develop a business plan to include a marketing strategy and an entry strategy, taking into consideration the requirements of accounting and finance. You were asked to develop market share estimates and revenue in the selected country, using data from your organization in the U.S. and your research into market size, pricing, and unit sales for the industry. You were required to estimate the investment required to set up presence in the selected country and estimate the time needed for your organization to break even.
Below are my comments on your final report: 
Your executive summary is a bit long, but nicely describes the business of Hasbro and UAE as a preferred destination. You emphasized the main points, the analysis in a nice summarized fashion. I would like to see a more direct recommendation from your analysis so the executive reading this is very clear about the decision they should make prior to reading the report. 
There should be a discussion on Value Chain Activities and possibly other partners. You should have identified the company’s main competitors in the country and the size of the overall market. You were also able to capture the market segmentation and profitability. The cost structure discussion should provide good insight into how they need to plan its entry strategy and the distribution systems channels which is important to understand as well. Developing a good supply chain strategy is critical to this assessment for any company, you could add something on that.
You were to consider the pros and cons of three market-entry modes strategies such as: establishing an export base or license; entering an alliance; making an acquisition, or starting a new subsidiary before settling on Walmart. That was missing. You did a good job explaining the nature of their alliance in UAE. Also, you should have started the paper by describing the strategies that the company could consider to respond to local markets, namely, multi-domestic, transnational, and global before coming to the conclusion that an alliance is the best option. 
The Strategy Implementation Plan specifying the major factors to be tracked for strategy effectiveness using the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard: learning and growth perspective, business process perspective, customer perspective, and financial perspective of the project was included in the paper. You discuss regulations and laws in the country and their impact and support but The Governance and Accountability needs to be expanded.

Tasks to add:
• Evaluate strategic implications for domestic and international markets of an organization`s industry.
• Analyze the impact of international and foreign laws on US organizations acting domestically and abroad.
• Evaluate major business/organizational systems and processes and make recommendations for improvement.
• Evaluate how human capital serves as a source of competitive advantage.
• Recommend a strategic plan for the use of technology to meet the strategic goals of the organization

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