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Evaluating sources & critically engaging with texts (to be completed in week 3)

Academic Skills Portfolio

(module code: ACSK4001)

Assessed Learning Outcomes (LOs):

  1. Show evidence of understanding core components of academic literacy/skills.
  2. Apply critical thought to a range of tasks, and do so with a minimum of external guidance in particular situations.
  3. Reflect, analyse and discuss strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities personally and academically.
  4. Use appropriate technologies to facilitate the completion of self-analysis/reflection.


Evaluating sources & critically engaging with texts (to be completed in week 3)

(Word count: 300 words)


Discussing data (to be completed in week 6)

(Word count: 300 words)

Part II: Analysing data – Compulsory in-class task (ACSK tutorial, week 6)

Write a handwritten paragraph in your week 6 tutorial class addressing the areas in the box below. Remember to refer to the graph/chart using correct OSCOLA or Harvard style in-text citation.

  1. description of your data (What is it? Where does it come from? What area is it focussing on?).
  2. summary on what the data shows in general.
  3. One or two areas of the data looked at in detail and an explanation of why you think they are significant.
  4. The important trends and differences/comparisons in the areas you have chosen.
  5. Possible explanations for what the data is showing (remember to reference wider research to back your ideas up).
  6. recommendation for further action that could arise from this data.


Academic Writing (to be completed in weeks 1-10)

(Word count: 700 words – suggested word counts for each section are outlined below)


Presentation (to be completed in weeks 7 - 9)

(Word count: 200 words)

Part II: Post-presentation reflection (week 9)

Using the table below, write notes about your presentation. You should make notes of:

  1. Your group’s comment about your presentation.
  2. Your reflection on your presentation.
  3. What you could improve in future presentations.

You should include any points of interest in your reflective writing task in section B.



Reflective Writing (to be completed after week 9)

(Word count: 300 words)

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