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Explain variations in concepts of health


Programme Title

BSc (Hons) / FdSc Health and Social Care

Module Title

Psychological Perspectives on Holistic Health

Module Code


Assignment Title

Lifespan Development







W/C Hand Out Date


Due Date


Feedback Post Date


Assignment Format


Assignment Word Count


Presentation Duration

5 minutes

Module Learning Outcomes covered in this assignment

  1. Explain variations in concepts of health
  2. Compare psychological theories of lifespan development.

Submission Format (include ATS key for

hard copy submission



ATS Code

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ASSIGNMENT TASK                                                                                                                                  

Produce a presentation comparing how two psychological theories explain stages of the human lifespan.

  • Explain two concepts of health, from: Biopsychosocial, Holistic, Medical or Lay.
  • Select and define at least two stages of the human lifespan, from: Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence, Adulthood or Old Age.
  • Explain two psychological theories, from: Developmental Psychology, Social Learning Theory, Attachment Theory, Psychosocial Development, Cognitive Theories or Socioemotional Theory. Discuss how these theories can be related to lifespan stages, including any similarities and differences.

Presentations should be produced using PowerPoint and audio recorded, then submitted on CANVAS. Ensure the presentation is fully referenced

TASK GUIDANCE                                                                                                                                      

For guidance on this assignment, please access the assignment vodcast available through Canvas.

GENERAL ASSIGNMENT GUIDANCE                                                                                                        


Should this assignment require you to work as part of a team, you will receive an individual grade based upon your performance as well as personalised feedback. The module leader will explain how your individual grade and feedback will

be determined.

Importance of Word Counts and Presentation Timings

Assignment word counts and presentation timings should always be observed.

Ignoring a word count increases significantly the risk of your work losing marks because it lacked structure, flow, focus and clarity. Timings must be observed for assessed presentations for

the same reasons.


http://www.ucb.ac.uk/handbook/academic- matters/assessment-issues.aspx

Cut-off date for late work

http://www.ucb.ac.uk/handbook/academic- matters/assessment-issues.aspx

Grading criteria

http://www.ucb.ac.uk/handbook/academic- matters/assessments-fairness-and- marking.aspx


http://www.ucb.ac.uk/handbook/academic- matters/plagiarism.aspx

Extenuating Circumstances

http://www.ucb.ac.uk/handbook/academic- matters/assessments-if-things-go- wrong.aspx

UCB Referencing Guide

https://portal.ucb.ac.uk/#/asc/study- skills/references

General Academic Guidance


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