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Explanation of the tour operations sector, discussing structure and functions of tour operators (30 marks)


UNIT: Tour Operations Management – Assignment 1




Explanation of the tour operations sector, discussing structure and functions of tour operators (30 marks)


Explain the role of the tour operator, where it fits within the tourism industry in relation to other sectors. How does it operate?

How is the industry set up/arranged? E.g.

• Different types of tour operator – different types of tours offered.

• Difference between packaged and tailor made products.

• Main functions – What do they do? How? Where?

• What tasks do they perform? By who? Roles and departments (head office and resort office)

• Interrelationships – who do they work with/alongside?

• Competition / Ownership (integration) – possible link into next section = challenges

Analysis of current challenges facing the tour operations sector and the impact of challenges upon tour operations (40 marks)


• Changes in trends and demand

• external influencing factors

• internal influencing challenges

• tour operators response to challenges


Discussion of destination management operations including crisis management (20 marks)


What tour operators does when a crises happens 

Technicalities e.g. format, language, academic writing style, referencing and sourcing (10 marks)


Spell-check, use correct grammar, use academic writing style, reference within text, add references and bibliography for all sources (in alphabetical order), use essay format.





UNIT: Tour Operations Management – Assignment 1

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