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Give an analysis of the knowledge, values and skills that might be required to work in this situation. You should include a broad overview and ensure that you give a detailed analysis of two or three key theories/models of intervention.

In this paper, you are required to critically evaluate a case study by covering core social work theories including knowledge, values, and skills.

Individual critical evaluation essay of no more than 3000 words (60% weighting)

Choose a case study from the selection provided below.

Give an analysis of the knowledge, values and skills that might be required to work in this situation. You should include a broad overview and ensure that you give a detailed analysis of two or three key theories/models of intervention.

Your essay must meet Learning Outcomes 2-4 to a minimum level of 40% each to pass this module - please plan the content with this in mind.

2. Apply and justify core social work theories to a named situation

Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills learning outcomes:

3. Appraise the importance of social work values and codes of practice and how they are enacted in professional social work

4. Evaluate a range of social work skills and their application to practice.


1. Alice Young

Alice Young is 88. A former librarian, she lives on her own in a detached house. She is physically rather frail and on three occasions she has had falls and been unable to get up; on one occasion this was in the garden; on another she was in the hallway and was able to attract the attention of a passer-by by shouting; on another it was in the back of the house and it was by sheer luck that her nephew, David, popped in for his weekly visit. Alice has no other relatives in the area and she avoids contact with the neighbours. Alice can be quite aggressive if people approach her. The house is dirty and in a very poor state of repair. She has no central heating and lives most of the time in a downstairs room piled with books and papers where she keeps warm by means of an electric fire. David has several times tried to persuade her to have help in the home, but Alice has always refused adamantly.

A neighbour has contacted the local older people’s social care team saying that Miss Young is not safe living on her own because of the risk of further falls and also, it is suggested, a fire and health risk. The neighbour, Mrs Thomas, is a forceful woman who was once a magistrate and the headmistress of a local school. She says that she represents the general opinion of the whole street when she says that Miss Young needs to be found a home where she will be with others and can be looked after. She considers that Miss Young is mentally confused and not capable of making judgements herself. She cites a retired doctor, a university professor and a solicitor as other neighbours who support her and would also like to be consulted. Mrs Thomas suggests that the role of the social worker is kindly but firmly to suggest that Miss Young go into residential care.

2. Smith/Brown family

Vicky Smith and Joanna Brown are in a civil partnership and have three children, Adrian Smith (13), Sarah Smith (11) and Julie Brown (5). Adrian and Sarah both attend the local comprehensive.

Sarah is a very quiet and studious girl who spends most of her time reading in her room. She has few friends but has a good relationship with her step sister Julie.

Concerns have recently been raised about Adrian for non-school attendance and for aggressive behaviour at school. At home he has exhibited violence towards both Vicky and Joanna which has increased recently since Vicky was diagnosed with breast cancer. Adrian now refuses to go to school and spends most days at home and only goes out for a few hours in the evening. There is concern that he is smoking cannabis and that he may be getting involved in criminal activity.

Joanna has been trying to put very clear boundaries in place for Adrian but Vicky has found it very difficult to adhere to these, indeed she is not at all sure that this is the right way to handle the increasing difficulties. Adrian has always been very close to his mother. Vicky experienced years of domestic violence from Adrian’s father who is now in prison. Vicky has suffered from periods of clinical depression since Adrian was born.

Julie appears to be a contented child who attends the local primary school. She is popular with class mates and spends alternate weekends with her paternal family. Her father has raised concerns about Adrian and the impact that his behaviour may be having on Julie.

Adrian’s school have now referred him to the local social services for assessment and support.

3. Sarfraz Nawaz

Sarfraz is in his mid-forties and lives alone in his own house. He has been known to the mental health team for some time as he has a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Although he is not currently working, he is a qualified solicitor who used to practice locally. When team members visit, he will never let them into his house, although from the doorstep it is obvious that the house is extremely cluttered. He is an eloquent man who is apparently able to give a clear account of himself and his activities. Recently Sarfraz’s brother and sister-in-law visited and were able to get into the house. It was clear that Sarfraz had been trying to light fires in the middle of the carpet to keep warm. On further investigation they discovered that the gas had been disconnected as Sarfraz had not paid the bills.

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