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Give an overview of the National Portrait Gallery including its history and organisational structure.

Task One[1000 words]


  1. Overview [200 words]

Give an overview of the National Portrait Gallery including its history and organisational structure.

  1. Objectives AND TRENDS [200 words]

Identify all the objectives of the National Portrait Gallery in a table.

Provide 1-2 paragraphs of examples on the key objectives.

Using a consumer trend report, identify a current consumer trend that the National Portrait Gallery is following. Explain how the National Portrait Gallery is following it.

  1. Sustainability[200 words]

Describe the sustainability projects of the National Portrait Gallery, adding visual evidence from the Annual Report will enhance the answer.

  1. HOW THE National Portrait Gallery OPERATE [200 words]

Explain how the National Portrait Gallery are financed.
This information is in their Annual Report.


  1. Governance[200 words]

Identify the chairman, board of directors and chief executive of the National Portrait Gallery in a diagram including all their names. Explain whether they are executive or non-executive directors. Identify and describe standards of good governance that they follow.


Task Two[1000 words]


  1. Stakeholders [150 words]

Provide a definition of a stakeholder and identify 6-8 stakeholders of the National Portrait Gallery in a diagram.

  1. Stakeholder Power and Interest Theory[450 words]

Describe how power and interest grid can be used to analyse stakeholders. It is recommended that you use Mendelow’s Matrix as it is the theory discussed in class. Include the following information;

  1. What is the purpose of Mendelow’sMatrix
  2. Description of how you should treat stakeholders based on the four quadrants
    1. stakeholder power and interest[250 words]

(A) Identify the power and interest of each key stakeholder  of the National Portrait Gallery.This information can be displayed in a table.

(B)  Apply the stakeholders to Mendelow’s Matrix in a diagram and explain your reasoning for classifying them as high or low power and high or low interest. One sentence for each stakeholder’s power and interest is required.


  1. Current Issues[150 words]

Identify any issues in the media that may affect the National Portrait Gallery. Describe how the issue may change the stakeholder’s power and interest.


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