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How you would apply Neoclassical Consumer Theory to a health issue of your choice.

1. Write 300 words
How you would apply Neoclassical Consumer Theory to a health issue of your choice. Include a description of the health issue, a clear presentation of either the demand function or behavioural model for the ‘choice ‘ that is being made , a reflection on the insights this model gives, and the implications for what sort of policies could address this issue.

2. Write 600 words .
Think about 4 key market structures
Perfect Competition, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly and Monopoly.

Give concrete examples of specific healthcare or healthcare products for each of the different market structures. Comment on implications the different market structures may have , such as pricing , availability, access. Is there a role for other actors, such as regulators of the government in relation to any of these specific types of market structure?

3. Write 300 words to your chosen market failure to a specific health issue. You can chose any heath issue . Please , select one of these market failures: Externalities, Market Power or Information asymmetry.

4. Write 300 words answering the questions. Is Capitalism bad for your mental health ?

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