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Identification of a placement or internship role that you would like to apply to or a role you wish to undertake after graduating

The following module learning outcome is tested in this assessment:

Reflect on your acquisition of employment related skills

This is an individual Assignment made up of three main activities

  • Identification of a placement or internship role that you would like to apply to or a role you wish to undertake after graduating
  • Develop a plan for the future to maximise your prospects for competing for this role.

Identification of the role

Depending on your specific engineering discipline select a role from the appropriate job description:

The role identified should be clearly referenced and included as an Appendix to the reflection report.


You should reflect on the activities that you have undertaken within EG5014 that would make you suitable for the role citing one example that went well and one that did not go well.

Your diary and progress report from your EG5014 Project should be used to provide the factual basis for your reflection.

Examples of activities to be used for reflection include:

  • Managing risk
  • Assisting in preparing schedules of work
  • Evaluation of designs
  • Defending decisions
  • Problem solving
  • Influenced others with well-structured arguments
  • Consideration of the implications of cost, safety and time constraints.

A structure for this reflection report that you may consider to be useful is included below:

  • What are you going to reflect on?
  • What were your reactions and feelings?
  • What was good and bad about the experience? Make value judgements.
  • What sense can you make of the situation? Bring in ideas from outside the experience to help you. What was really going on?
  • What can be concluded, in a general sense, from these experiences and the analyses you have undertaken?
  • What can be concluded about your own specific, unique, personal situation or ways of working?


Based on your reflection, provide a plan of actions indicating what are you going to do differently in this type of situation next time? What steps are you going to take on the basis of what you have learnt? Are you going to seek out any specific experiences or opportunities to maximise your strengths or address your development areas?

Specifically you should provide details about how:

  • Good practice, the example that went well, can be embedded into your work
  • Areas for improvement that are required for your role, where it did not go well, are developed and improved.

Word count

The word count for this assignment submission is 1000 words.

The report should follow the Kingston University report standards, including layout, formatting, referencing, etc. You have to cite relevant sources properly, in order to avoid plagiarism.

Where appropriate, you may quote passages from a published text or a website, but you must clearly indicate you are doing so and give a reference to the source. A good introduction to searching literature and how to cite references properly is given in the Library Services section of the Kingston University web site.

If two assignments are submitted with identical passages of text, or if an assignment contains text from another source without proper acknowledgement, it will receive 0 marks.  This is considered plagiarism and may be subject to further penalties, including expulsion. Electronic copy of the report will be required for submission via CANVAS.

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