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Identify a problem/challenge in practice that could be addressed

Module HSC-6-011

Improving Quality, Change Management & Leadership Summative Assignment Guidelines

Guidance for Summative Assignment

Assessment 3000-word change report .

  • Please ensure that you complete an assignment front sheet and submit this as your first page.
  • Note that you should insert page numbers as this helps the marker to feedback on specific sections. You should also declare the word count.
  • You must use headings as this is a report. It will also help you to address the key points. You can have some flexibility as to how you organise this but ensure that it creates a logical flow for the reader.

The change report should:

  • identify a problem/challenge in practice that could be addressed
  • Identify how this will be addressed through a simple change in practice that will improve quality.
  • Critically analyse how the change would be implemented and include discussion around quality improvement, change management models and processes, challenges to change, leadership influences and interprofessional working (including service user involvement).

Things to consider about your change idea (and some questions to ask yourself) :

  • Changes in one area can have an impact or affect demand and delivery in another area or service. Will your change idea impact on anyone else? How will you address this?
  • Where possible consider how you can include service users as part of the inter-professional team. How can I get service users involved?
  • Read around the topic of change. Engage with up to date literature, policies and local health reports to support and justify the need for change. Be careful not to inadvertently identify

the Trust. Use ‘local trust’ always.

  • Consider any barriers or challenges that there may be to your change idea and how will you manage this. How may people object to the change? What can be done to convince them that this is necessary and can improve quality care

Suggested Format

(Remember you should not write in first person).

Title of Change Report (No more than 50 words that distil the essence of the report).


  • A broad overview of the change report , what you are seeking to achieve.
  • Justification for change which you have identified from practice
  • Briefly identify the change model you will be using


  • Provide background information and explain why the change is needed at local level and any

evidence to underpin this.

This could include local/national policy, patient feedback, audits etc and must be supported by literature or policy.

Implementing the change (this will be the main body of your report and can be sub-sectioned into a logical order that will complement the change project)

You can use the headings of the model to help you but do not just describe these. You should link the model to your change.

  • Introduce your chosen change management model/framework. Justify why you have chosen this as opposed to other models. Critically analyse the suitability to your change idea, with reference to literature and good change management theory. There should be some comparing and comparison as a start to analysis.
  • Consider strategies (from your reading) that will overcome barriers to change and anticipate how you can follow through the model. Think about communication methods and you could link this to leadership styles if you wish?
  • Discuss and define the impact on other people using the concept of coproduction and remembering that changing one part of the system will have a potential impact on another part of the healthcare system.
  • Explain how the tools you would use to support your chosen change management report will help in implementation e.g. PDSA, 5 whys and fishbone
  • Justify and explain your leadership approach in relation to the relevant theory. Think about the styles of leadership and which will work or not work for the stage of the change.
  • Discuss how change will be evaluated and how will you know that quality of care has been enhanced. This could include audit measures.


Conclude and summarise the importance of this change, how you have overcome the challenges and how you see the impact on quality enhancement

Additional tips (based on last year submission and the marking grid)

  • Referencing – make sure you follow the LSBU Harvard System. Marks can be lost for poor or inconsistent referencing and basic mistakes.
  • Good grammar and spelling. Take time to read your work through carefully. Does it make sense to you? Will it make sense to another reader? Use available tools to check spelling and grammar.
  • Logical flow and well organised work
    • Critically analyse within the work. You will need to have read a range of literature around the topics or change management, communicating change, change models, improving quality and leadership. This will help you to think about your change plan and consider whether this will work, what the challenges could be and how the literature suggests you can address change.
    • Include a good range and depth of literature. It is not enough at this stage to only use webpages and internet sources. You need to show that you have read around the topics in depth. Look at the Moodle reading list as a starting point.

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