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Identify, analyse and communicate principles and processes of Network Design.

Students who successfully complete this module will be able to:

  1. Identify, analyse and communicate principles and processes of Network Design.
  2. Critically    analyse    and    evaluate     business    and    technical requirements.
  3. Plan and design a Network Infrastructure (LAN/WAN/MAN).
    1. Design and evaluate a management and implementation strategy for a network.
    2. Collect and synthesise information to inform a choice of vendor solutions, with the module assignment providing a good opportunity to test this area.
    3. Evaluate a range of information comparing alternative methods and techniques used in Network Design.

Be able to troubleshoot and maintain integrated, complex networks
Assignment Task

This is an individual assignment based on the case study scenario presented below. This assignment will assess your understanding of the principles of network design and the ability to analyse, design and create a network infrastructure fully configured and tested which reflects understanding of network design and troubleshooting.



You are working as a network engineer in an IT company. You have been assigned to design and implement a network infrastructure for a small company called price- cut.co.uk. The company consists of 4 departments Human Resource, Finance, Sales and Admin.


In addition, the network consists of four Servers; web, email, dns, and common file server, which control and hold IoT information about temperature, door, sensors etc...


All servers are shared between all users. Table 1 below describes the distribution of workstations for which the company administration team decided to provide a wireless accessible by all staff using their own wireless device such as smartphone to access the internet.


Analyse the requirements of this scenario evaluating suitable network model and components to design a network infrastructure featuring scalability, availability and security.


Based on your analysis, you are required to apply the appropriate configuration for the selected technologies. Also, discuss, evaluate and apply the necessary network monitoring tools and produce a suitable test and documentation for network maintenance.


Screenshot without explanation will not be accepted.


All relevant network configuration, network diagram and device configuration tables, network simulation files must be included.



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