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Identify and analyse a critical issue for an industry/sector/company/discipline of your choice and propose a strategic response

Business Consultancy Route – Employment and Enterprise E&E

The Employment and Enterprise module contains an experiential learning component, called ‘work or work-like experience’ (W/WLE). To satisfy this component, you must complete a minimum of 20 hours W/WLE between the 15th February 2021 and 28th April 2021. 

The Business Consultancy Process

For your W/WLE you are required to adopt the role of a desk-based consultant and grapple with a critical issue of your choice. This will enable you to experience the challenge of working in a rapidly changing, non-standard work environment, in keeping with organisations of all shapes, sizes and forms who are continually adjusting to the shifting economic, social and cultural landscape. With this in mind, you are tasked with the following brief:

Identify and analyse a critical issue for an industry/sector/company/discipline of your choice and propose a strategic response.


You may look at any industry/sector/company/discipline, providing there is sufficient literature available. A good place to start is to identify a current issue under the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal and Industry (PESTELI) themes. You must be able to evidence your analysis and cite the sources of your research, drawing upon credible, professional sources.  This may include websites/ organisations social media and/ or news outlets. Industry publications (Mintel etc) might also be a useful backdrop along with Government data. There should also be tangible links to the business discipline of your choice in order to draw upon your prior knowledge and gain relevant knowledge. The Business Consultancy Route Examples document provides some suggestions of the types of issues you could use for your consultancy challenge. These examples should not be a constraint but serve to stimulate your own ideas.

Key Stages in the Consultancy Process

It is anticipated that undertaking this consultancy role will take approximately 20 hours and at the end of this you will have the experience needed to produce your poster and write up your report.

  • You will be invited to the launch of the Business Consultancy route (Wednesday 17th February 2021) which will give you more guidance as well as hearing from Business Consultants about how they approach their role and projects. 
  • You will need to research the sector/ organisation thoroughly to decide and define the scope of your consultancy.  For some projects it might help to identify stakeholder groups.  You will need to undertake some additional reading using existing literature and resources found online or conduct some stakeholder mapping i.e. an analysis of their existing stakeholders, donors and participants (again, only using secondary open-source material). DO NOT TALK TO THE ORGANISATION OR KEY STAKEHOLDERS: secondary research only.   
  • To guide your strategic response, you may choose to select some analytical tools which you have encountered in your studies to date (i.e. SWOT/ PESTELI/ Gap Analysis/ Stakeholder mapping/ Forcefield analysis etc/ scenario planning).   
  • Complete your Business Consultancy Design document and share it with your academic mentor for feedback in your seminar (w/c 1st March 2021).
  • Continue to work on your project over the course of the term up to 28th April 2021 and develop your Poster and theory to practice section for the deadline of 17th May 2021 (11pm).

Links to Assessment



As part of your assessment for this module you must produce a poster that communicates the issue you have identified, provides an overview of your analysis and proposes your strategic response to the issue. This poster will include practical suggestions and recommendations for the organisation/ sector as well as an implementation strategy.  This poster goes into the Experience page in PebblePad (see image above – choose other in this drop-down menu) (see Assessment guidance for more information). 

Theory to Practice


This submission should discuss your experience of your W/WLE using relevant theory.  This includes any of the theories introduced within the E&E module, or appropriate academic theory relative to your discipline/ area of interest.

More guidance on both assessment points can be found in the E&E NOW Learning Room under Assessment as well as being covered in the seminars.

The choice of your project is ultimately yours, however you should discuss this with your Academic Mentor.  We have developed a Business Consultancy Design form for you to complete to allow you to scope your ideas out.  Please share this with your academic mentor as part of Seminar 4.

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