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Identify and define an appropriate public health topic for study within the area of practice.

This paper deals with the Practice Based Public Health and Health Promotion Project in which the student has to prepare a research project that focuses mainly on the themes written below:

  • Identification and explanation of a suitable public health topic within the area of practice

  • Selection of approaches, methods, and tools to analyse and justify the research methodology

  • Critical analysis of the application of evidence and theories

  • Presentation of critical thinking and information on public health issues


Assignment 3: Practice Based Public Health and Health Promotion Project

You are required to write a 6000 words project (excluded references and appendices; word limits are between 5400 and 6600 words) that will identify a public health issue within your area of practice; analyse determinants of health and inequalities in health outcomes. The project will develop an intervention plan for service development/health improvement using one appropriate public health method; it will be fully referenced to include evidence-based literature, policy and guidance that have informed your work. Supervision will be available for this project.

Weighting: 50% (of overall mark)

Learning Outcomes assessed:

1.Identify and define an appropriate public health topic for study within the area of practice.

2.Select appropriate methods of study and approaches to analysis, justifying the research methodology. 

3.Critically evaluate the application of evidence and theories to justify a proposal for service improvement in an area of practice.

4.Produce a fluent and accurately written project for a specific practice context, demonstrating critical-thinking and awareness of current public health issues in relation to the proposed service improvement.                 


Guidelines & Structure

Title page

Contents page

Chapter headings with correct page number

1. Introduction

A clear statement of the public health area and scope of the project. Rationale and background. Identify a target group.  Aims - identify what you hope the intervention will achieve in terms of behavioural or health change for example, Objectives - the specific actions to achieve the aim.

2. Identified need            

Using epidemiological data, demographic and socio-economic information on needs of target group, perceived needs of professionals. Identification of health inequalities and social determinants of health underpinning the health need.

3. Evidence                     

How the health-related need/problem is currently addressed by local policies and service provision. Interrogate the evidence base for effective interventions (review the literature: which methods have proven to work in relation to your health topic?)

4 Intervention                  

A justification of one method used to develop the intervention. Public health ethics (Stewardship model). A description of key activities and setting/s for delivering your intervention. Data collection. Identify resources: equipment –financial (budget), human (stakeholder analysis). Time frame for intervention.  

5. Conclusions                

This must refer back to the original title and summarise key issues of the project.                                                        

                                       Expected outcomes of the intervention.     

Reference List                 

This should consist of all written and other material, which has been referenced in your project.


Any other relevant materials you may want to add in support of your analysis, such as data, charts, or instruments of data collection.


You need to anonymise the name of your work placement/work setting you are currently working on.  

You may wish to illustrate some of the key themes of your project by giving a case example of your work placement. Use of such examples should be very carefully considered. If you have worked with a client, or a colleague has worked with someone for whom the issues you are discussing were featured, you may describe those elements of the case, which are relevant if you adequately protect the individual`s confidentiality, and ensure the person cannot be recognised or identified from your description. This may mean changing key facts such as the person`s age, ethnicity, or other details, which are not relevant to the issue being illustrated. Think carefully about whether the reader needs to know any more personal detail than this. Avoid adding interesting but unnecessary confidential details such as when he moved to England, how old he was when his Mum died.....etc, etc.

Under no circumstances should you talk to this client about issues, which are of interest to you in doing your project, but are not relevant to your work with him.  For instance, if your project was concerned with loss of contact with relatives and/or bereavement, but you are working with a homeless person`s team to place people in appropriate accommodation, you must not use your relationship with clients to explore their recent bereavements. Remember that your access to confidential information about individuals as a public health worker is entirely for the purpose of meeting their needs, and while you are encouraged to reflect on what you do, you must also reflect on the ethics of using the confidential information you possess for any other purposes. You must never solicit additional confidential/sensitive information for your own study purposes.  In this sense, you must comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act

Also, you need to make sure that all data/information on your work placement is available to the public (published online, or printed on leaflets, newsletters etc.). Under no circumstances you should use information/data that belongs to the organisation and is not in the public domain.   

To summarise, you need to ask yourself:

         Have I ensured confidentiality and anonymity of participants` identity and personal details and do you have client consent to use their situation as your example?

         Have I complied with the requirements of the Data Protection Act?


You must not talk to a client about issues, which are of interest to you in doing your project, but are not relevant to your work with them.

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