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If you are studying a degree related to Hospitality, Tourism and Events, you should base your report on the Boeing Travel case study.


Task: Write a report of 2000 words answering the 2-part question below. You should base your answer on the following case studies:

  • If you are studying a degree related to Hospitality, Tourism and Events, you should base your report on the Boeing Travel case study.


Using your case study as an example, consider whether organisations engaging in unethical behaviour should be allowed to continue to operate.

What can the organisation in your case study do to ensure ethical standards?

(100 marks)

Boeing Travel

In October 2018, 189 people were killed in a Boeing 737 Max Lion Air flight in Indonesia, when the aircraft went into a sudden nose dive crashing into the sea 13 minutes after take-off. In March 2019, 157 people lost their lives when a Boeing 737 Max Ethiopian Airlines flight nose-dived into the countryside outside Addis Ababa. Both accidents were blamed on software flaws and issues with the sensors, specifically, the Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System (MACS), which was designed to keep the flight stable was malfunctioning, pushing the nose of the aircraft down, overriding any actions by the pilot.

The Boeing 737 Max is the fastest selling aircraft in Boeing’s history. Of the 700,000 commercial flights per week, 6,548 of them are Boeing 737 Max aircrafts. Now that the whole fleet has been grounded, the airlines most affected by this are Southwest Airlines, Air Canada and American Airlines.


This has had some impact on the travel and tourism industry, including an increase in travel anxiety. Although, according to the National Safety Council there is only a 1 in 188,363 chance of dying in an airplane crash, many people have a fear of flying. Social media have also exacerbated this anxiety. Further to this, online booking sites such as Kayak, have now introduced a filter so that specific types of aircraft can be selected or avoided.



Your report should follow the structure and suggested word counts below:  

Cover Page

  • Title of the report
  • Title of the module
  • Student Number (1xxxxxx)
  • Date of submission
  • Word count

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