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impact of cyber-technology and digital and surveillance on people`s privacy

impact of cyber-technology and digital and surveillance on people`s privacy

Critically evaluate the extent to which digital and cyber technology impacts upon our privacy in contemporary society?

 How to use evaluative language:

  1. This point is validated by …
  2. This is a strong argument, as it is supported by the fact that …
  3.  This view fails to take into consideration….
  4. This view is slightly naïve, as it has overlooked crucial


-Find evidence to support each side of the answer.

-decide how far you agree with the evidence.

-evaluate both sides

Q1. What is privacy ?

Q2. What is cyberveillance ?

Q3. What is digital and cyber technology ? Cyber technologies are necessarily web/networking technologies both hardware and software like communication, servers, security mechanisms and network classifications for various needs and processes.

- especially that which involves the Internet or cyberspace.

Q4. Impacts?

  • Privacy is not about social media only also might be other technologies such as cameras around buildings and technologies could control us
  • Surveillance= مراقبه ..pervasiveness =انتشار
  • Example snapchat
  •  CCTV
  • Dash cams

Q5. Is privacy a thing of the past ?


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